December 5, 2023
Kill Devil Hill Drop Music Following Hiatus

Kill Devil Hill, featuring Johnny Kelly on drums (Type O Negative), Mark Zavon on guitar, Dewey Bragg on vocals, and Matt Snell (ex-Five Finger Death Punch) on bass, are back after being on hiatus for almost 10 years. Their new album, Seas of Oblivion, is out now on Legend Recordings.

The band have always been something of a supergroup, previously featuring  Black Sabbath and Dio drummer Vinny Appice and Pantera bassist Rex Brown back in 2017.

“It’s always exciting to explore new musical territories and showcase different aspects of the band’s sound,” says Bragg. “Transitioning to a more melodic approach can add depth and variety to our music, allowing us to connect with our audience in different ways. By incorporating harmonies and exploring a softer side, you can create a contrast with the aggressive and in-your-face elements present in our previous work. This contrast can make our music more dynamic and showcase our versatility as a band. It also gives me the opportunity as a singer to demonstrate my vocal abilities in a different light, adding a new dimension to performances.”

“There was a little bit of a new direction in the songwriting,” adds Kelly. “I’m sure it had to do with the different lineup. I tried to be more song-oriented in my approach to the songs. I think having Chris Collier producing played a big part as well.”

Kill Devil Hill dropped the video for “Pharmaceutical Sunshine” ahead of the album drop on September 13.

The track touches on opioid misuse, a theme that Zavon says hits close to home. Rather than shaming addicts, the song empathizes with those who are struggling.

“I’ve seen the heartbreaking effects of opioid addiction up close, and it made me want to shine a light on this devastating undercurrent and hopefully provide encouragement to those who are struggling with these issues. ‘Pharmaceutical Sunshine’ is all about raising awareness and trying to help people understand that they are not alone in this battle.”

The record is available now via Legend Recordings

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