February 23, 2024
Kerry King and Alice In Chains

Slayer legend Kerry King has revealed his favourite song by Seattle grunge icons, Alice In Chains. Speaking exclusively in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, Kerry picks one of the band’s most legendary tracks – Them Bones, the opening song from 1991’s Dirt, which turned 30 last month.

Them Bones is such a great song – super-short, heavy, great video and these really haunting vocal melodies,” King notes. “Those dudes were untouchable on their first two records, they were really vibing as a band and Layne was just a superstar. They played on the [US 1990 package tour] Clash Of The Titans, and on the first couple of dates we’d be backstage going, ‘Who is that with that fucking voice?’ And we started going out to watch the entire set every night. It was just one of those moments.”

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