September 30, 2023
Kenya Barris

Fans may find Kenya Barris’ new movie redundantly similar to his previous work. Social media reacts to Netflix’s You People, starring Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, Nia Long, Lauren London, and Yung Miami.


The new Netflix movie trailer sparked controversy on the internet, with some people comparing Kenya Barris’ work to his past series like Black-ish and Mixed-ish. The Twitter trailer for You People was posted with a huge cast, including Eddie Murphy, Nia Long, Lauren London, Jonah Hill, Yung Miami, and more.

Fans rushed the internet, reacting to the trailer and commenting on his frequent use of interracial couples at the center of his plots .  The new film stars Jonah Hill as the boyfriend hoping to get the approval of his girlfriend’s (Lauren London) parents played by Nia Long and Eddie Murphy. 

“I hope kenya barris eventually heals from whatever happened to him,” said one Twitter user. “That has him feeling the need to make every project he does defend interracial relationships and being biracial.”

Barris has had similar controversy on his storylines, such as his series Black-ish. Some fans defend Barris and his work, thinking people would “be happy for a brotha making it in Hollywood.”

People also commented on Barris’ frequent use of “light-skinned” actors playing as major characters in his films. Lauren London will play the daughter to dark-skinned parents Eddie Murphy and Nia Long. 

“The daughter is almost always light skinned regardless of the parents,” said one Twitter user.

Yung Miami, who recently announced her debut into acting, will also make an appearance in the movie. 

You People is set to be released on Netflix, January 27.

Disney+ released a trailer for the new original Hip-Hop Nutcracker. The trailer has a noticeably diverse cast for a hip-hop-themed movie. Most actors and extras in the trailer are from multiple races.

Black music figure Rev Run from the legendary rap group RUN DMC serves as the narrator, and early rap pioneer Kurtis Blow is also featured.

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