December 2, 2023
Kelvyn Colt Blazes A New Trail

Kelvyn Colt is not just any emerging artist; he is regarded as one of the most promising ones. Kelvyn is a pioneer of the new-wave European hip-hop movement, making him an extremely relevant artist on the music scene worldwide. As the German prince of industrial hip hop, he is pushing the boundaries of the genre with his upcoming project, GERMAN ANGST, set to release on Mar 17.

Achieved Success

The second release from this project, “SHORTY!”, is now available on all DSPs and features a powerful short film directed by Colt himself. With this release, Kelvyn is challenging the conventional notion of music as an art form and making groundbreaking strides. “SHORTY!” also contributes to Colt’s growing fan base in the United States, as he recently sold out two shows in New York and Los Angeles and was front row at New York Fashion Week’s biggest shows.

“SHORTY!” is the next single from Kelvyn Colt after his hit song “EYE4EYE,” which has garnered millions of streams. This track serves as a precursor to his upcoming album GERMAN ANGST and features an industrial beat influenced by techno sounds, providing a high-energy experience for listeners. Apart from this, the track’s memorable hook is ideal for Kelvyn’s live shows, where he can showcase his love and dedication to music, giving his fans a first-hand experience they will never forget.

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From Heartbeats to Headbangers: The Science Behind High-Energy Music’s Impact

High-energy music has a significant impact on fans, often inspiring them to feel energetic and motivated. The fast-paced beats and powerful rhythms in high-energy music can create a sense of excitement and thrill that resonates with listeners.

As well, fans of high-energy music often report feeling more alert, focused, and energized after listening to their favorite tracks. This type of music can also promote feelings of happiness and positivity. Similarly, this makes it a popular choice for people looking to boost their mood and overcome feelings of stress or anxiety.

Kelvyn has amassed over 250 million global streams and gained recognition with his acclaimed single “Bury Me Alive.” As a result, this track received praise from numerous national publications, including Huffington Post, which described Kelvyn’s rap/hip hop style as having “raw muscularity.” The official video for the song, initially featured on A COLORS SHOW, has surpassed 10 million views on YouTube. However, since its release, the rapper has charted over 69 times on the Global Top 40 charts, with his songs achieving chart success in countries such as Germany, the UK, Nigeria, and Turkey, among others.

Who Is Kelvyn Colt?

Kelvyn Colt emerged from the Berlin underground music scene in 2019 as a leading figure in industrial hip-hop. Since then, he has performed in major cities worldwide, from London, Paris, Milan, and New York City to Beijing, China. Recently, the Nigerian-German rapper purchased the rights to his entire music catalog, freeing himself from his record deal with Sony Music Germany and granting him total creative freedom.

Additionally, the “Just Watch Me” rapper draws inspiration from his idols, Kid Cudi and 2Pac, and represents the younger generation that straddles two cultures. His music is characterized by self-affirming lyrics, a distinctive soundscape, and a unique blend of musicality that has earned him a dedicated following. Moreover, fans of his music can dance to his upbeat tracks or cry to emotional tributes to his mother. Colt is in high demand and has been featured in numerous publications such as Complex, Billboard, GQ, Vogue, High Snobiety, and Rolling Stone. He has also collaborated with luxury brands, including Cartier, Mercedes, Levis, and Prada.

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