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Earlier this week, Kehlani took to her Instagram to inform her fans of what took place on the UK leg of her Blue Water Road Trip tour. The Oakland Native informed her fans and supporters that she was sexually assaulted. 


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The post was later deleted. But that did not stop the outpour of support and concern for the artist. Recently, Kehlani took to her TikTok account to let fans know that she appreciates the support and thanks her fans.  

Additionally, she let it be known that she wants her boundaries to be respected. 

She said, “I put it out there what happened so I can set a proper boundary with my audience, fan base and the people that do come see me out or come to a concert. I set that boundary so you guys can know how to please respect me as a human, me as an individual.”

She also added that the tour would continue on schedule, which resumes in mid-January.

By Kamryn Ashli (12/12/2022 at 3:07 pm)

Despite the sexual nature of Kehlani’s songs, she doesn’t want to be touched without her consent. Recently, the Oakland native was reportedly sexually assaulted during her Blue Water Road Trip UK show.

The last day of Kehlani’s Blue Water Road Trip tour in Manchester, United Kingdom, ended poorly after she was allegedly groped at her show. She posted her experience in a story on Instagram, saying she felt “triggered” and “mind blown.”

“No one should ever have their boundaries disrespected like this,” a fan posted the screenshot on Twitter.

Kehlani did not reveal the identity of the assailant that touched her inappropriately nor mentioned if any legal actions were taken. For the “Good Thing” singer, this situation was too close to home; recently just celebrating the conviction of an ex-boyfriend who sexually assaulted her.

More fans on Twitter chimed in on the situation in support of Kehlani.  

“I hope whoever assaulted her is caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” a fan vented on Twitter. 

Deaundre Barnes (08/08/2022 at 2 pm)

The Blue Water Road Trip tour with R&B singers Kehlani, Destin Conrad, and alternative rap artist Rico Nasty sent fans on an emotional rollercoaster.

At the beginning of the night, R&B singer Destin Conrad opened the concert with songs from his latest EP, COLORWAY. The “Bills” singer engaged with the audience to prepare them for Rico Nasty.

The “Day Party” artist also did a cover of the iconic 90’s song “One In A Million” by the late singer Aaliyah. This had fans sinking deeper into their feelings.

Once Destin concluded his set with his single, “Bills,” it was almost time for the “Rage” artist to take her spot on stage.

Her DJ took the stage for a musical pregame before she graced the audience with a hype performance. 

Once the crowd was hyped up, the Tales of Tacobella rapper began with her song “OHFR.” 

She stated that she would be performing a lot of her new music. 

Rico performed songs like “Money” ft Flo Milli, “P*ssy Poppin,” “Poppin,” and “Fuckin Lady.” 

She also mixed some of her older music into the set list for her day one fans, such as “Rage” and “Smack A B*tch.”

After the “Nasty” artist took over the stage, Kehlani’s Dj Noodle came out to get the crowd hype with a mix between R&B, hip-hop, and gospel.

Fans were singing along to the nostalgic hits and were even having twerk sessions, amping each other up in the crowd.  

The “FWU” singer appeared on screen while on their tour bus with their daughter attempting to write a song while her daughter colored. 

Furthermore, when they asked if their daughter wanted to help, she responded by saying the song was bad and went back to coloring. 

The video ends with the artist collapsing onto their bed with aerial views of their tour bus until fade. 

Dancers began appearing backstage, and the “Again” artist approached the microphone and opened their set with her song “little story.”

Throughout the night, the energy fluctuated from being full of energy on songs like “Love Language” and “Crzy” to mellow songs such as “You Should Be Here” and “Honey.”

The It Was Good Until It Wasn’t artist was very responsive and interactive with their fans. 

During the show, the “1st Position” singer got on their knees to thank their fans for making their dreams come true. They thanked them for providing a stable life for their three-year-old daughter.

The “Blue Water Road Trip” tour is an experience for those who love old school and modern R&B.

All the artists on tour used their unique talents and voices to give their fans a great experience full of laughter, heartache, even some tears but with lighthearted fun. 

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