December 2, 2023
k?d Continues to Pave New Stylistic Inroads On Kaleidoscopic Album, "CAGE SCRIPT" -

k?d’s come-up saw him breaking down genre boundaries and rebuilding them with his signature. And years later, it appears that appetite to continue paving new stylistic inroads remains alive and well.

k?d’s new album, CAGE SCRIPT, marks his first long-form effort since 2020’s stunning Rebirth. The album sees the enigmatic producer combining elements of synth-pop, glitch, trap and future bass, among other influences.

k?d’s opening charge in “Return To Nothingness” finds him melding a diverse fusion of genres together into one playfully uplifting song. While he flexes his versatility on the production side, ensuing tracks “Flow In You” and “If This Is A Dream” show k?d aligning closely with his vocalist collaborators to spotlight the album’s memorable songwriting.

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