February 27, 2024
Kaytranada & Amine

After years in the making, Kaytranada and Aminé release their perfect summer collaborative album, Kaytraminé.

Canadian producer Kaytranada and Portland-raised rapper Aminé are both world-renowned artists within their own genres. Since first playing with the idea of a collaboration project in 2014 fans have eagerly been waiting for the official release. Naming their collaboration Kaytraminé, the duo have released songs together in the past all leading up to this massive project.

Just in time for summer, their self-titled album Kaytraminé brings a fresh sound with massive collaborations including Pharrell Williams, Big Sean, and Snoop Dogg among many others. After teasing this project for years, Kaytranada debuted “4eva” during his set at Coachella this year before its official release in April, followed by the release of “Rebuke” which came a week prior to the album’s release.

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Kaytraminé starts off strong with a live element as the introduction on the first track, “Who He Iz.”

The nostalgic ’90s beat picks up with a static undertone. Kaytranada’s groovy instrumentation perfectly highlights Aminé’s vocals, and then “letstalkaboutit” follows with heavy R&B influences and a variety of vocals including verses from Freddie Gibbs.

Westside” uses string instruments and again focuses on the vocals with subtle and consistent instrumentation. This track is a more slow downed song, and utilizes piano and stringed synths evoking a very romantic feeling. “Master P” features vocals from Big Sean, and reverse-sounding synths that give the song such an otherworldly feeling. The track ends abruptly before a jazzy beat takes over and the song fades out.

Sossaup” features a sultry vocal pairing with Amaarae and brings calypso-like synths. Though the beat is relatively simple, the instrumentation and the vocals are complex with a strong bassline throughout that leads the songs out. “STFU3” follows with an interesting introduction utilizing ufo-like synths. The backbeat stays consistent throughout, fading in and out as the lyrics change. This song offers a uniqueness different from the rest of the tracks on the album because of the spacey synths.

UGH UGH” uses a lot of backing vocals and a suave beat. Much like the other tracks on the album, the music is sophisticated but really emphasizes the vocals. The song fades out and a new, drum-heavy beat takes the it to a close in an unpredictable manner. “EYE” feature Snoop Dogg brings a stunning variation of vocal ranges. With different drums and synths throughout the track, the variation matched the change of vocal cadences. The final track, “K&A” really drives with original R&B sound, and the smooth production brings a very sensual ending to this brilliant collaborative album.

Since first discussing a collaborative album in 2014, Kaytranada and Aminé finally give their creation to the world. Their sounds perfectly blend creating a perfect. sultry, summer album with some massive collaborations to amp up the heat. From start to finish each track offers a different vibe and has its own unique sound something for everyone to enjoy.

Kaytranada & Aminé – Kaytraminé – Tracklist:

  1. Who He Iz
  2. letstalkaboutit (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
  3. 4eva (feat. Pharrell Williams)
  4. Westside
  5. Master P (feat. Big Sean)
  6. Rebuke
  7. Sossaup (feat. Amaarae)
  8. STFU3
  9. UGH UGH
  10. EYE (feat. Snooop Dogg)
  11. K&A

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