February 23, 2024
Kanye West's Tucker Carlson Interview Is Bonkers

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Kanye West is spiraling, and we say that with all due respect. The self-proclaiming genius and proxy for White Supremacy was interviewed by FOX News’ racist host Tucker Carlson, and the results were even zanier and crazier than anyone who has been paying attention could have expected.

TMZ first reported that Ye had landed in Los Angeles straight from Paris and made a beeline for Carlson’s office. The interview was of course to discuss the White Lives Matter shirt that he claims has him at a loss for the adverse reactions it spawned. Also, adidas recently said it was putting its partnership with Yeezy under review, which got him extra despite his original claims that he wanted out of that deal sooner than later anyway.

You don’t need to watch FOX News, nor should you, but clips of the interview have started to trickle out and quotables that include far-fetched facts, non-linear tangents and head-scratching hot takes abound.

For example, Ye invoked Lizzo when saying that the media wants people to be overweight.


Still a pro-lifer, he’s sure to use totally made up facts to justify his stance.


He also is still riding for Trump for reasons that include that he “made Ivanka.”


Twitter is already having a field day gathering Ye by his Sunken Place couture hoodie.

We’ve compiled some of the best and most quizzical reactions for archival purposes. Note how the MAGA crowd with the small flags are making sure to big up their Black guy. But seriously, y’all still rocking with this guy?


2. LOL. Not the type of guy you want co-signing you.

5. Kind of obvious who is on Ye’s (MAGA, small flag) side.

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