April 17, 2024
Kanye West DRAGGED By Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Kanye West’s recent targeting of Jewish people on the latest episode of “Real Time With Bill Maher.”

Last weekend, Kanye West threatened to go “death con 3 on Jewish people, who he claimed were attempting to oppress him.

The “Stronger” rapper was recently locked out of his Instagram and Twitter accounts after making antisemitic comments when he threatened to go “death con 3” against Jewish people. 

The rapper claimed Sean “Diddy’ Combs was being used as a pawn to stop him from speaking his mind freely on the social media platforms, where he waged a “war” against Jews, Adidas, Gap, and even his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. 

In addition, unaired clips from Kanye’s interview with controversial Fox News host Tucker Carlson were published, and in the clips, which were edited out of the discussion, the rapper made several antisemitic statements and claimed that “fake children” were planted in his home to “sexualize” his four children.

Netanyahu addressed the rap star head-on and was far from impressed with Ye’s rhetoric about Jewish people, which he has refused to back down from.

“Antisemitism is the longest hatred in history. It goes back 1000s of years. We’ve dealt with bigger problems than these stupidities. But you know, the communists blame the Jews for being capitalists. The capitalists blame the Jews for being communists. You have a problem? Blame the Jews. It’s old stuff,” Netanyahu said. 

“It shouldn’t have any place in civilized discourse, and that’s the reason we established the Jewish state. So the Jewish people would have a defense against these absurdities, and sometimes they’re coupled with violence. We don’t let that happen again,” Israel’s former Prime Minister told Bill Maher.

Bill noted that Kanye’s comments were a growing trend amongst certain men and women in Congress and official positions who have made antisemitic statements in recent years. 

“‘Israel has hypnotized the world.’ ‘May Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel 10 years ago.’ If you read that to me, I thought that would be from Hezbollah, that’s an American congressperson. Another American congressperson says ‘the reality of Israel’s apartheid government goes on to say, the occupation and ethnic cleansing Palestinians live with every day,’” Bill Maher said. 

He then asked Benjamin Netanyahu if Israel was massacring Palestinians or if the country was an Apartheid state.  

“No, no, and no. Ridiculous charges against the one democracy in the Middle East. The one democracy that upholds human rights defends freedom and is America’s best ally,” Benjamin Netanyahu said. “So I think these people should wake up to reality. But I think that a far too great of hope. It’s not going to happen. We just have to defend ourselves against these people because they purvey lies. You ever hear the word fake news? This is fake old news that goes back 1000s of years. We’re not impressed by it.”

During the controversial interview, Benjamin Netanyahu claimed the Palestinians didn’t want peace when Bill Maher asked about a two-state solution.


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