April 22, 2024
Kanye West Claims 300 Zionists Have Taken Over The U.S.


Kanye West unleashed another scatterbrained monologue when cameras caught up with him in the San Fernando Valley on Sunday (November 27).

‘Ye ranted about God, Hollywood, pornography and other topics in a video captured by X17 Online. Kanye West’s speech included more antisemitic rhetoric.

“Somehow, our country has been taken over by about 300 Zionists,” he said at one point.

Kanye West complained about the power of old money families, the Vatican, Hollywood media and more. He claimed “they” tried to ruin him for spouting conspiracy theories.

“They came to kill me and destroy me,” ‘Ye said. “They tagged me as a racist. They froze my accounts. And God is—Every time something happens that I lose a connection or cut ties, it just leaves more room for God to fill me up. It humbles me. I just appreciate God for using me in this way.”

Kanye West also stood by his past hate speech yet suggested he loves Jewish people. He said he was thankful people saw the backlash to his antisemitism because it supposedly proved he was right.

“I love Jewish people,” he proclaimed. “And I still have issues with some of the business practices. And I’m happy that I was able to stand up and say what I believed in – stand up for my truth and say it out loud. And take whatever hits they had coming for me.”

Check out everything ‘Ye said below.



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