February 21, 2024
Kaalan Walker Hit With 50 Year To Life Sentence In Rape Trial

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Kaalan Walker, stylized also as Kaalan “KR” Walker, was convicted of serial rape earlier this year with intention of appealing the charges. On Monday (Oct. 17), Walker was convicted at trial and slapped with a sentence of at least 50 years up to a life sentence.

The Los Angeles Times, which has been closely following the Kaalan Walker matter, reported that the 27-year-old was accused of using his status to lure models into his clutches after promising them access to the modeling world. In April, Walker was convicted of three counts of forcible rape, two counts of statutory rape, and two counts of rape by intoxication according to the Los Angeles County DA’s office.

Via social media, Walker would reportedly invite the models to a proposed video shoot or other undisclosed location under the guise of a professional opportunity but police say Walker used this moment to sexually assault his victims.

Walker’s defense team claimed repeatedly in the press that Walker never forced the women to meet him nor did he violate any consent. In an earlier report from Hip-Hop Wired, we highlighted that Walker is fighting to appeal the convictions.

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