September 23, 2023
Justin Miller Releases Genre-Bending Album "Lost In Sound"

Justin Miller’s recent album, Lost In Sound is a wonderful execution of weaving beautiful production layers with unique melodies.

There is something so entrancing about the sound on this project. It mixes pop, EDM, hyperpop, rap, and pretty much any genre you can think of. This is a project that is ahead of its time and it’s only a matter of time until people catch on.

The intro, “Miller,” sets the tone about the duality each track has to offer. The energy in his vocals is superb, while the production is hypnotic. “Waves” has this repetitive melody on loop that boon raps effortlessly on. Another highlight on this album is the ambient, energetic, and otherworldly, “Space.”

Every track has its own atmosphere and different layers that would require a more elaborate stretch to delve into. This entire project definitely goes against the grain for traditional mainstream music, but that’s exactly why it stands out from the rest and will be a memorable offering.

It’s undeniable that Justin Miller has ensured that listeners capture the full spectrum of his versatility when it comes to blurring the lines between different sounds. With so much creativity on tap, it’s inevitable that we can expect so much more from the talented artist this season.

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