June 2, 2023
Jua Kang and Michelle Byun – Mother and Daughter Team Blacklisted by Hollywood, Music and Fashion Industry

Mother and daughter, Jua Kang and Michelle Byun of Columbus Avenue, New York are confirmed to be one of the first pairs of individuals to have been blacklisted by major Hollywood studios such as Warner Bros. Discovery, Universal and Disney with music label heavyweight UMG which represents artists such as Post Malone, The Weeknd and Ariana Grande blacklisting both after reports have surfaced showcasing continued harassment, solicitation, and blackmail of artists, producers and extortion techniques utilized by Michelle Byun through solicitation of explicit images and offerings of sexual services in exchange for a ‘relationship’ or references.

The story comes after Jua Kang and Jungkwan Byun of Busan, South Korea were revealed to have helped crypto currency founder Do Kwon of Terra Labs launder around $7 million US dollars which were used for lavish property purchases, college (The New School) and school (Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School) tuition for daughters Michelle Byun and another underage daughter.

Albanian authorities have issued an ‘All Points Bulletin’ for the entire family after evidence emerged of the family using organized crime syndicates across the Balkans to launder funds with Europol investigating the evidence and claims made by both the Albanian and Singaporean authorities. The mother is alleged to have used her daughter Michelle as a way to climb the social hierarchy in New York where both reside. 

Fashion giant chain LVMH and Kering have also put both mother and daughter on blacklists to avoid having any association, with a spokesperson for LVMH stating “We see these coercion tactics by one Michelle Byun completely and utterly immoral, unethical and borderline criminal. We have no association with the family, or had any working relationship with either member of the family – any claims that Michelle Byun had worked for any of our brands is completely fictional and fabricated.” 

Michelle Byun who gained some fame for her TikTok skits stands accused of soliciting artists and has subsequently been put on blacklists across every major Hollywood studio, music label, and fashion company to prevent further solicitation. Byun is known around the New York club scene as a constant ‘partygoer’ who used a network of TikTok influencers and fellow college students to distribute Schedule II narcotics, all of whom were fellow New School students hailing from Taiwan, China, and South Korea.

South Korean music giant known for its superstar roster, Hybe Corporation had also issued legal notices and warnings to Byun who had been stalking one Park Ji-min of popular K-POP group BTS and claiming to have been in a relationship with the artist. Byun has also been reported as stealing her ex-partner’s belongings and refusing their return, same partner who she is reported as having used to get her foot into Hollywood and the music industry, after the relationship having been solemnized she used the contacts, usually via direct communication to coerce and harass producers, artists, and performers in exchange for favors which would help her social standing and professional career. 

Music label founded by rap artist Drake, OVO Sound on professional social media websites used to recruit professional talent also came out with a public statement addressing the concern, confirming the coercion tactics used by Byun to advance her social standing and career and letting others know to avoid Byun.

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