December 1, 2023
Joe Satriani - Surfing With The Alien album review

Joe Satriani – Surfing With The Alien

Joe Satriani - Surfing With The Alien cover art

(Image credit: Relativity Records)

Surfing with the Alien
Ice 9
Crushing Day
Always with Me, Always with You
Satch Boogie
Hill of the Skull
Lords of Karma

You couldn’t move for guitar instrumental albums in the mid-to-late 80s. There was the serious shred stuff coming out on Shrapnel Records, such as Racer X, Vinnie Moore and Marty Friedman. 

But as talented as all these guys were, it all seemed so niche and unlikely to trouble the mainstream charts. Then Joe Satriani scored a monster hit with Surfing With The Alien

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