April 15, 2024
Joe Budden Says Mal & Rory's Plans Are Fueled By Hate For Him

The Joe Budden Podcast saga continues. Rory Farrell and Jamil “Mal” Clay parted ways with the brand in 2021, but both sides still seem to have some bad blood.

Mal Clay recently used his own podcast to basically accuse Joe Budden of theft. A recent episode of New Rory & Mal also included Clay taking partial credit for the success of Budden’s long-running talk show.

“I’m willing to go on your platform, your new show that still has my blood, sweat, and tears in it. And I know that’s what pains him,” said Mal. “Every time he pays for p####, that’s some of my money. Every vacation he takes a chick on, that’s some of my money he’s using. And that pains him.”

Rory and Mal used those quotes to promote the “Accountability In Culture Pt. II” episode of their podcast. The show’s official social media accounts posted a clip of Mal’s comments in order to attract engagement.

New Rory & Mal‘s “Accountability In Culture Pt. II” was a response to Joe Budden’s “Accountability In Culture” episode of The JBP. Budden decided to present yet another response to his former co-hosts on his latest podcast.


Joe Budden Says He Had To Stop Coddling People

This weekend’s “No More Teaching” edition of The Joe Budden Podcast featured its namesake defending his reputation. A segment of the program centered around Mal Clay’s claims of theft and jealousy.

“In this case, somebody who I considered a friend looked me in the face and said, ‘You’re stealing from me,’” recalled Joe Budden. “I said, ‘No, I’m not.’ Then they said, ‘Show me all the paperwork from 2015.’ I did that.”

The No Love Lost album creator continued, “Then they wanted a self-audit. I did that. Then I provided all these things. If you still think whatever you think at that point, what the f### do you want me to [do]?”

Joe Budden also added, “Then he’s saying whatever he’s saying which is ‘show me the paperwork, show me your taxes.’ Am I in the Matrix? You accused me of stealing. You gotta be s####### me… Then show it. It wouldn’t just be two years of whatever the f### you’re saying and whatever you think. It’s over now.”

In addition, Budden expressed, “Their plans wanted to be fueled on hate for Joe. My plans were only fueled on work ethic. That’s what I was betting on moving forward. At the end of the relationship, the product was bad. And the product is bad because people feel however they feel, and they’re bringing those feelings to work… So I have to make an executive decision at some point and stop coddling people.”


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