February 26, 2024
Jessie James Decker's 'Pupdate' Interview Leads To Unexpected Puppy Adoption: 'I Feel Like She Chose Us'

On set, Decker fell in love with a puppy and adopted her from Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue.

Jessie James Decker, Eric Decker, Puppy Hart; Photos by Anna Clary for Country Now

The Country Now Pupdate is back with Jessie James Decker!

While she may be a mom of three, a country star, an entrepreneur, and a wife to former NFL player, Eric Decker, this female songstress had plenty of time to spare for these adorable pups from Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue. 

Upon her arrival at the Country Now studio in Nashville, TN, Decker was instantly greeted with a dose of puppy love. But before sitting down to give an update on her life and career, she was surprised with her first-ever Country Now Award for Favorite Collaboration for her duet with Billy Currington, “I Still Love You.”

Country Now Award

Jessie James Decker; Photo by Anna Clary

Decker later revealed how she and Currington ended up working together on this collaborative song. Co-penned by hit songwriters Josh Kear, Chris Tompkins and Matt Dragstem, this romantic song illustrates the journey of two ex-lovers who find their way back to each other after realizing they were meant to be together.

“He and I have a long history together. He is one of my very dear friends, for just years and years, and we’ve always wanted to work together. I got to do a little collaboration on one of his last records, but it was my turn to have him collaborate on my record,” she shared. “So we put it out in October and we have just been overwhelmed by how much people love it. It’s just one of my favorite songs, I knew when I heard it that it was meant for us to do together and he knew it instantly as well. So it’s been really special.”

New Music On The Horizon

As this heartfelt tune continues to see great success among their fans, Decker shared that she already has more new music in the works. She confessed that she has been “working, writing, and recording” in the studio, along with listening to some outside songs. 

Jessie James Decker; Photo by Anna Clary
Jessie James Decker; Photo by Anna Clary

“New music will be out as soon as I feel like it’s exactly the way that I want it to be.”

Tails were wagging in full force as Decker reflected on her recent run opening for Kane Brown’s Drunk or Dreaming Tour, and discussed a few plans she has in store for the upcoming year, including her next cookbook. 

She released her first cookbook, Just Feed Me, in 2020 and now, she’s preparing to drop her next set of recipes that center around comfort food. 

“I’m such a homebody, I’m such a comfort food person. I grew up, you know, eating great food, being raised by women who were amazing cooks, and I just continue to love to learn about new foods and new recipes,” she shared. “So this book is kind of like a part two to ‘Just Feed Me.’ It’s just feed me more. That’s not the title of it, but it’s more amazing, cozy, easy recipes for everyone to follow and to create for their families.”

While expressing her hopes to one day make a return to TV in some fashion, a bit of wild chaos ensued among the puppies causing Decker to try and determine which one is responsible for starting the rowdiness. 

Decker has had plenty of on-screen experience throughout her career, including a docuseries called Eric and Jessie, which starred her and her husband. The series aired on the E! Network and chronicled several major moments of the couple’s life for three seasons before coming to an end in 2017. Then in 2022, Decker joined the season 31 of Dancing With the Stars.

Jessie James Decker; Photo by Anna Clary
Jessie James Decker; Photo by Anna Clary

“I would love to do more TV for sure,” Decker told Country Now. “I’ve got a few projects that are in the works, so I can’t say what they are, but ask me in a few months and I will be just screaming it to the rooftops about all the amazing things that we’ve got lined up.”

The Deckers Adopt A Puppy

The singer/songwriter felt right at home with the furry four-legged friends in front of her as plenty of belly rubs, tail wags and cuddles ensued. In fact, while she was here, Decker fell in love with one particular puppy. She ended up phoning her husband, Eric, in hopes that he would also feel the same way she did once he got to meet the adorable pup. They are already parents to two dogs, Jake and Jenny, but by the end of the day, another dog had joined the Decker household. Together, with their three children, they named their new rescue pup Hart.

Jessie James Decker, Eric Decker, and Hart; Photo by Anna Clary
Jessie James Decker, Eric Decker, and Hart; Photo by Anna Clary

“Hart completed the heart of our family! I feel like she chose us. We weren’t expecting to come home with a puppy that day, but it felt so right,” she told Country Now of their newest family member.

Being the big animal lovers that they are, Decker and her family are encouraging others to welcome their own furry friend into their home through adoption. 

For more with Decker, including what her perfect day off looks like, how she and Eric plan to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and more click above to watch the Pupdate

Jessie James Decker; Photo by Anna Clary
Jessie James Decker; Photo by Anna Clary

About Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue

Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue, a foster-based 501c3 charitable organization based in Middle Tennessee, is run primarily by volunteers. Proverbs is totally dedicated to all animals they rescue. For more on Proverbs and to donate, click HERE. 

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