April 15, 2024
Jess Hilarious Sides With Fat Trel Regarding Master P

Comedian Jess Hilarious is serving as a guest host for the nationally syndicated radio show Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.  Since Angela Yee’s departure, there have been several guest hosts, and this is Jess’s week.  Yesterday, during the Rumor Report, Master P’s name came up.  One of his former artists came out to speak negatively about him after leaving his No Limit record label.  This led to another former No Limit artist, Fat Trel, to speak up as well.

Fat Trel & Jess Hilarious Vs Master P

The DMV rapper claims that Master P assured him that he would star in a sequel to the prominent movie, Menace II Society.  Master P combats those claims by stating that he never told Fat Trel he was going to make a sequel to Menace II Society.  He wanted to make a film similar to it.  The idea for his film was put on hold because the former NBA player wanted Gucci Mane to be the star of the film.  Unfortunately, the Atlanta rapper kept going to prison.  Even though this is the case, Fat Trel feels he was still promised to do a movie, which led him to leave the label.

Jess Hilarious believes what Fat Trel is saying as she has her own experience with Master P as well.  The comedian claims that the New Orleans native still owes her money from the movie, I Got the Hook Up 2.  She shot two scenes in a movie produced by the entrepreneur, but was only paid for one.  She is looking for $15,000.

Master P Speaks

Master P feels differently regarding these claims.  In an Instagram post, he believes he stood behind the DMV rapper.

“I went above and beyond for Fat Trel.  I took him out a negative environment, got him a safe place to stay in Los Angeles, transportation, put money in his pocket…got him exposure, put him on music with me and all without a contract just because I believe in the little homie”

As for Jess Hilarious, Master P thinks she is just joking. He remains that she got paid the amount that was on the contract she signed.

By: Brandon Simmons

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