May 30, 2023
Jelusick unleash video for new single "Fly High Again"

Jelusick unleash video for new single “Fly High Again”

Jelusick consisting of Dino Jelusick (vocals), Ivan Keller (guitars), Luke Broderick (bass) and Mario Lepoglavec (drums) have unveiled a video for their latest single “Fly High Again” from their upcoming debut album, which will be released via Escape Music Ltd..

In an interview with Kevin Tanza for Musikholics back in May 2022, Keller was asked about the music scene in Croatia to which he replied: “We have a lot of great bands there. Like world class quality. And we also have a lot of Rock/Metal fans. What we don’t have is a decent music television or something that would give some kind of exposure to them. So I understand that sometimes it’s hard to keep going like that. That’s such a shame.”

On whether the internet has helped musicians like himself and Dino Jelusick who come from non-traditional countries when it comes to rock music, Keller indicated: “If you don’t have it in yourself, all the internet in the world can’t help you. Dino was always a rockstar and he spent many many years trying and working. He did dozens of albums, someone doesn’t have that much music in his life career. And he’s not even 30. Internet has helped but it was just a matter of time when something great would happen to him.”

In terms of how he met and started working with Dino Jelusick, Keller stated: “We met in 2010 when he was having a gig in my hometown (Valpovo). We jammed and he saw something in me right away. Five years after that, when I moved to Zagreb, he needed a guitar player for upcoming shows. I was in the band as soon as I got there.”

Jelusick‘s “Fly High Again” video:

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