December 11, 2023
Jazz Artist and Music Producer  Mileisy M. Releases Fresh New Sound, "Pass Out Then Alive," from Despair to Hope Featured

Collaboration is all the rage, and the talented artist, music producer, and music video director Mileisy M. proves it and is giving to the world once again a beautiful creative record and music video “Pass Out Then Alive” with the intention of renewing  people’s hopes in their life journeys during the most difficult times.  For Mileisy M.  as the core creative director through all the phases of production, she went all out to own it and deliver a powerful story that the audience can connect with which tells her own story as well as  featuring  some renowned artists who have been a part of her musical journey in different ways over the years including  her mentor Regina Carter, Martha Mooke, an electro-acoustic violinist, viola player and Yamaha Resident Artist from New York, the talented dancers from the Joffrey Ballet School NYC, and special guest artist African-French singer and rapper Jonas Pako also featured in the video, all people whom the artist connected with along the way.

Mileisy M. is bang on trend, as the violin is enjoying a bit of a moment when backed with hip-hop, pop, and R&B styles. Not for the first time the talented jazz violinist, music producer and video director once again has shown to the music world the caliber of her gifted skills as she continues her quest to dominate and stay at the top of the music scene.  Prominent figures from the music industry describe her playing as fresh, energetic and modern, not to mention genre-defying. It has elements of jazz, hip-hop and trap beat but refuses to be classified specifically. If your experience of the violin is limited to classical music, country fiddle or folk dancing, “Pass Out Then Alive”  music production by Mileisy M.  will open your ears to the possibilities of the violin in other genres.

 Among her discography the artist  has recently released songs tinged with Spanish and Cuban musical styles including “Nosotros”,which was featured and reviewed by Daily Music Roll magazine ( It is important to highlight that “Nosotros” is the first track on which Mileisy appears singing for the first time.

Mileisy has worked with many well known names, including Grammy winners Arturo O’Farill and bass player John Benitez. Creatively varied, she enjoys mixing new and unexpected influences into her pieces and intends to keep listeners alert for different genres and sounds. Why be at home with one sound when you can build in several? In addition, she is able to exercise more control over how she is portrayed in her songs and music videos, by taking part in the production and directing process.  Variety is the spice of life, and having been given a second chance, Mileisy M. doesn’t intend to waste a moment of it.

Core Artistry at Its Finest. Not just an Enthralling Performer but a Master Music Storyteller

An artist’s quality is measured by the quality of their art. It is pleasing to see Mileisy M. offer fine artistry through her core abilities. Mileisy M. replicates her past outstanding musical deliveries in the music production of “Pass Out Then Alive,” as she draws inspiration from one of her personal life experiences of surviving a car crash. The multi-layered visuals are reflective of the tune’s meaning. The artist’s near-fatal car crash is represented as a battle between good and evil, life and death, the forces of light and darkness. The crash is portrayed at the start of the video and interpreted by the musicians and dancers who follow. It is clear that the artist considers God chose for her on that day and intends her to make something extraordinary of her musical gift now.

The music video is a timeline of the situation around the crash, starting out with the crash itself, then her recovery, interspersed with shots of her and some of her guest stars playing and singing in various locations on the roads near the scene of the accident and her recovery.

She weaves storytelling into music and puts all of her talent on display in this new record to inspire hope and encourage her audience to never lose hope and keep  working to overcome their challenges during those difficult times in life. The artist  achieved her creative goals with this music video and hopes to communicate a message that the world understands and can relate with.

From Despair Comes Hope

A car wreckage was not enough to stop Mileisy M. ‘s creative process and musical ideas in her tracks. She forged ahead and overcame one of the most difficult times of her life to become the embodiment of talent and shining light that many music heads love to listen to today. She tells her story of surviving a car crash through this song and shares how she overcame despair and started nursing bright hopes instead. She was left unconscious after the accident and took a great deal of time to recover from her injuries as she was unable to walk or play her beloved violin. However, she survived and got back up on her feet. She took the second chance that was offered to her and ran with it to achieve her dreams.

Making the World Beautiful with Her Talents

Being a talented violinist isn’t where it ends for Mileisy M. She takes it several notches higher as she does music production, music recording, music performance, video director and the music business as a whole. Mileisy M.’s level of versatility is her strongest suit as she ensures the world gets the best of music mastery, mixing and production. She uses the music to portray  a story in her own way and delivers it to strike the right chords with her audience.

Pass Outh Then Alive (Official Music Video)

An Artist Par Excellence

As an artist, Mileisy M. believes that every creation should have a goal and purpose. Having worked with notable names like Grammy winners Arturo O’Farill, bass player John Benitez and many others, she has refined herself into an artist who sets a purpose for every project and works hard to fulfill that purpose. She has also drawn influence from other artists and performers from various genres like Jean LucPonty, Didier Lockwood, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Karol G., Alicia Keys, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Ella Fitzgerald, music producers Paul Epworth, Lillian McMurry, Rick Rubin, Berry Gordy, Mike Dean, Ovy on the Drums, Linda Perry (singer and music producer), Robert John “Mutt” Lange (songwriter and record producer), Brian Eno(music producer, ambient music, electronic music, pop, rock), and MissyElliot (hip hop music producer).

Mileisy M. Offers a new and contemporary yet genre-defying approach to her music and she exhibits all that in her music releases of late. Enjoy  “Pass Out Then Alive” on YouTube and follow Mileisy M. on Instagram.

Mileisy M. @globalmaster_performance

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