October 4, 2023
Jay-Z Invests In Robot Pizza Truck Stellar Pizza

Hip hop mogul and businessman Jay-Z has invested $16.5 million into Stellar Pizza, a mobile food truck that makes pizza. There is a gimmick to the service, however. The pizza is made and delivered by a robot.

The investment will specifically be made by Marcy Venture Partners, a venture capital firm co-founded by Jay-Z and others. Aside from having made other investments, this one takes the firm into new territory.

Food of the future

Though very innovative, this will not be the first automated pizza maker, with that title going to either Pizzametry, a vending machine that makes pizza, or Pazzi, a robot that makes pizza. Who has the title is a little unclear since they are both claiming it. Stellar Pizza will also not the first automated food truck, as that title goes to Ono Food Co. Their food trucks serve automated smoothies. However, Stellar Pizza is the first to combine the two technologies as far as robots making and delivering the pizza goes.

Stellar Pizza

According to their Instagram’s first post, Stellar Pizza has been around developing their robot technology since at least November of 2021. The company was founded by several former Spacex rocket scientists. These scientists wanted to solve problems on Earth, instead of in space. One of the problems they wanted to work on was creating affordable access to high-quality fresh foods, which they hope Stellar Pizza can help with.

When it comes to Stellar Pizza, the robot is both chef and delivery boy. It uses algorithms to determine the route to the destination, and when to start cooking the pizza. It is extremely efficient at cooking the pizza, with it being complete in five minutes. The cost of the pizza is going to be $10.

Although the company is based in Hawthorne, the service is soon going to launch in Los Angeles, more specifically the University of Southern California sometime this fall. There is not a concrete date yet.

Written by Justin Acosta

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