December 11, 2023
Jarod Glawe & Rave Republic Drop Disco Fueled Anthem “Dance to the Rhythm” ft. Twista & Nazzereene

While new to the scene, Jarod Glawe is stepping out with what is clearly a polished and deliberate sound. A superb wordsmith from beat one, bar one, Glawe’s slick production and clear intent to wow his listening audience are evident in his upcoming tracks. Though having just turned 23, Glawe has already started to leave a lasting impact in the music scene- with remixes from artists like Mokita, Thomas Gold, AMPM , as well as engineering for famous hometown rappers, including Twista.

Now, with two years in the making, Jarod Glawe delivers a disco fueled anthem with his newest single “Dance to the Rhythm.”This time around, he enlists Singaporian duo Rave Republic and legendary rapper Twista and vocalist Nazzereene for a crossover disco tune just in time to keep you grooving in the Fall season. It’s a fun single, packed with uplifting melodies, plenty of funk, and flawless verses and vocals from Twista and Nazzereene to solidify this as a true hit.

“This track has been a dream collaboration of mine for a few years now. We recorded Twista’s parts back in 2020, so it feels so amazing to finally have the song out for the world to hear. I feel like this one has a bit of something for everyone because of how versatile and unique the song is. Working with Rave Republic was so fun, they are really talented. Twista has been a great friend too, and I believe is one of the most skilled rappers out there. I hope everyone loves the song as much as we do!” – Jarod Glawe

Listen below!

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