September 26, 2023
Jamey Jasta Is A Fan Of Bruce Dickinson's Vocals, Not His Stance On Weed

Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson recently made headlines for some comments made to the crowd in Anaheim, CA about smoking weed. Between songs, Dickinson called fans out for making both his and bassist Steve Harris’ lives harder on stage and asked for “a tiny bit of respect” in that people should just go outside to smoke.

“I don’t know what it is. There’s so many fucking people smoking so much fucking dope down here, I’m amazed you can even see. Poor old Steve [Harris, Iron Maiden bassist]. I don’t know if you know, but he absolutely fucking hates marijuana and the smell of it, alright? So when he’s trying to play bass, it fucks him up. It fucks me up. I’m a singer, alright? So duh. I would just ask for a tiny bit of respect – if you want to go get completely stoned out of your fucking mind, go out the back and do it. Alright? Otherwise you’re going to end up like this fucking knucklehead here going ‘uhhhh.’”

This of course has drawn tons of opinions from across the internet, now including Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta. In a tweet directed at Dickinson, Jasta praised the man’s vocals and live performances, but expressed some confusion about why the fuck smoking weed at a show is a big deal.

Bruce Dickinson if you read this. Hi. You’re a great vocalist/frontman. We took your son’s band on tour. Hope you are well. Just so ya know. Lots of people like to smoke weed at outdoor concerts. WHAT DOESN’T ANNOY YOU BRO?!?! Besides flying planes? lol you might need a puff or 2

And to be fair, Jasta has since followed up praising Dickinson once again. I think most of the confusion here is coming from the age-old association between smoking weed and heavy metal, and the fact that Dickinson is so vehemently against it… but hey, to each their own.

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