June 2, 2023
J. Cole and Queens Rapper

In a new video, J. Cole was spotted listening to a South Jamaica, Queens rapper named Ty Trilly in his apartment lobby at the 40 Projects. Cole vibed with Trilly and even gave him props for his music.


Recently, Dreamville boss J. Cole pulled up to the 40 Projects in South Jamaica, a neighborhood in Queens, NY, and listened to aspiring rapper Ty Trilly. 

Trilly posted the video of Cole standing beside him listening to his music on his Instagram. Cole nodded to Trilly’s music along with other unidentified people in the video. 

Cole complimented Trilly when the music stopped and advised him to release it. 

“Shoot the video, put that b*tch out, it’s gonna land on the people it’s supposed to land on,” Cole told Trilly about the song he played in the building lobby.

Cole is known to help out fans. This includes the time he paid for a young man’s food after his card declined. The Cole World artist also recorded a song on a YouTube producer’s “J. Cole type beat” and gave it to him to release on his own YouTube channel.

In 2007, before the launch of his career, Cole had a similar story of waiting for rap legend Jay-Z for over two hours in the rain to listen to his demo tape, only to be turned down. 

Jay-Z would later sign Cole to his label Roc Nation in 2009 after listening to Cole’s song “Lights Please,” which was re-released on his 2011 debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story. Cole was the first artist signed to Roc Nation.

Jay-Z also featured Cole on his song “A Star Is Born,” on his 2009 album The Blueprint 3

“A slow transition from a little broke, n*gga from the Ville,” during Cole’s verse, on how Jay-Z helped get in the rap game. “Got a deal, a real lifesaver. Cole, you got the glow like a lil’ lightsaber.  So clap for him, then applaud Hov, he gave him a platform.”

Cole is now a label owner of Dreamville Records, which signs mainly rappers and R&B artists. Dreamville has also produced platinum singles like “Down Bad” from their 2019 joint album Revenge of the Dreamers 3.

One rapper that was also hesitant to sign Cole was 50 Cent, who said Cole wasn’t “street” to be in G-Unit and labeled Cole as a “smart and humble” rapper. 

In an interview with Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers, J. Cole said he does not consider himself as a leader for the new generation of children and rap fans.

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