December 11, 2023
Izzy St. Shaw Is the Musical Talent With Genius Creativity and Soulful Music Featured

Izzy St. Shaw has a way with music that is setting the stage for something polarizing.

Born in Texas, Isaac Shaw spent life between his home state and Atlanta, where he has resided over the past 10 years. Music has always resonated deeply with the now artist, but his inspiration to double down on his passion came at the influence of talented individuals and producers in the game. Soaking up the originality of TyDolla$ign, sensational melodies of Coldplay and Tame Impala, and the substance and passion of Kendrick Lamar, Izzy St. Shaw purposed to always push the envelope in the creativity of his craft.

His Texas and Atlanta background, mixed with his upbringing in the church environment has given Izzy St. Shaw a wide understanding and appreciation for musical tastes. This multicultural influence has impacted positively on his music, giving him a style irreplicable in the industry. The vocalist and producer take listeners on a musical experience, exploring freedom and oneness while balancing pain and struggle. His voice touches the soul with melodic flows that reflect the southern roots of his upbringing. Izzy St. Shaw gives something new to every track, blending alternative cadence with modern audible aesthetic.

His latest single, “Money Long” reflects the depth of his vocal spectrum. The track extends on his dynamic soulful melodies over grounding bass and trap influenced vibe. Izzy St. Shaw describes “Money Long“ as a melody driven story of the dollar and it’s paradoxical place in our lives. Whether just to build a vibe, ride and relax, or get motivated for work, “Money Long” is the song to fit the theme.

Follow the upcoming artist and rock to the vibes of his new single “Money Long.”

“Money Long”:


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