February 5, 2023

From Content Producing Kevin Harts animation for the Sirus XM Radio Show “Straight from the Hart”. To Content Producing several animation episodes for “Drink Champs” Podcast. TWA CAFE has a dynamic of adding his own niche to creating. Now you can find majority of TWA CAFE’s content on Amazon Fire Tv. On the APP Station Six. This is where TWA CAFE puts his content, instead of social media. After collaborating with radio and podcast, TWA CAFE decided to be apart of a platform where his work can develop equity. 

TWA CAFE got into animation from networking with a friend. One day TWA CAFE made a bumper video for all of the music videos and fashion content he made. A person from his network saw it and talked about just leaving a meeting that consist of needing a different style of creation. This was for a animation. Without ever creating an animation, TWA CAFE said yes, this can be done. That’s where it all started. 

TWA CAFE now creates Lyrics Videos that have been gaining recognition throughout publications. Along with top Instagram pages. This style of Lyrics Videos are different from the normal, words going across the screen in a straight line. The Lyrics Videos provide visuals as well, to tell the story. Similar to a music video. In TWA CAFE’s time of creation, there has been a shift in Lyrics Videos. This Content Producer has created a new way. It’s The Era!

To get a fresh look for your brand. Contact TWA CAFE by typing in your google search, TWA CAFE Lyric Video.





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