April 19, 2024
It's Official: Judas Priest to Replace Ozzy on Power Trip


Yesterday, we learned the sad news that Ozzy Osbourne had to cancel his planned performance at the Power Trip festival this October because of health issues. It’s a huge bummer to think he’s having such a hard time getting back on stage, but when he said some “personal friends” would take his place, we all were left wondering who it might be. And now we know thanks to reporting from Billboard that Judas fucking Priest will join the festival’s already stacked lineup.

Judas Priest and Ozzy were originally planning on touring Europe this year, but that too had to be canceled due to health reasons. Priest has since moved on with a tour of their own, but it’s super cool to think Rob Halford and the guys were once again stepping up to help fill in for an aging and ailing Ozzy.

The iconic British heavy metal band just put out a statement on their addition to the Power Trip festival, stating they were “excited and ready to raise double horns” this October.

“Power Trippers are you ready for some Judas Priest style heavy metal! We are excited and ready to raise double horns way up high together. Keeping the metal faith at this bostin one of a kind power trip world event!”

In a statement yesterday, Ozzy said he wasn’t physically able to perform to his standards and wouldn’t get to that point in time for the show. Being “too proud” to phone in a mediocre performance, he pulled out of the gig.

Over the last couple years, Ozzy’s ability to tour has been spotty at best, due to lingering health issues stemming from a spinal injury he suffered back in the early 2000s. Since then, it’s grown to affect his mobility, among other aspects of his life, as he’s said he’s in near constant pain.

This isn’t the first time Judas Priest or Rob Halford has helped Ozzy out in a pinch. There were two times in particular that Halford stood in for Ozzy during some Black Sabbath shows when the “Prince of Darkness” fell ill. So this is just another instance of friends helping friends through a tough time.

As for the Power Trip Festival, which will take place on October 6 to October 8 at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, the lineup is now as follows:

Friday, October 6: Guns n’ Roses and Iron Maiden
Saturday, October 7: AC/DC and Judas Priest
Sunday, October 8: Metallica and Tool

Even though it’s regrettable that Ozzy won’t be there, Judas Priest always puts on one hell of a show. We’re still wishing Ozzy the best in his recovery and hope he’ll grace the stage again very soon.


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