April 13, 2024
Ronnie Radke Live

After engaging in conflicts with metalcore and death metal bands in recent years, FALLING IN REVERSE vocalist Ronnie Radke has now targeted the present hardcore scene.

The multi-platinum alternative metal sensation shared a standalone tweet earlier this morning (February 25th) on X. He wrote: “I find it hilarious that the new hardcore kids are all a bunch of b*tch made soft a*s communist d*ck riders with pronouns in their bio reciting lyrics from bands talking about how tough they are and how violent they are. Hardcore used to be cool. It is not cool anymore.”

Ronnie Radke Hardcore Scene

Just a month ago, Radke clashed with Devin Swank, frontman of SANGUISUGABOGG. In one of his recent altercations, Radke asserted that SANGUISUGABOGG targeted him and evaded confrontation by retreating to their tour bus.

Radke tagged SANGUISUGABOGG and wrote on X: “Hey guys why won’t you come off your bus I want to talk to you why are you threatening to call the police I thought you were a trained fighter I just wanna talk. Devin why are you hiding?”

After receiving no response from SwankRadke posted a series of tweets, writing: “Like I said, y’all death metal dudes are soft as s**t. Stop playing with me.”

Everything started when Radke came to Machine Gun Kelly‘s defense over criticism of MGK‘s new guitar design shaped like a razor blade. Responding to Metalbirb‘s critique, Radke tweeted, “My guy I’m not jumping on any sides here but come on, have we gotten so lost we are now complaining about a razor blade guitar cuz it might trigger people to self harm? But you turn around and give my video of me murdering people with guns a thumbs up? I like you bro, Let the man live.”

In a parallel thread, STABBED guitarist Mark Valentino mocked MGK‘s guitar, stating, “If I see anyone with this guitar, I will beat them with it.” Radke fired back, threatening to confront Valentino at his show, dismissing deathcore metal musicians as “soft” and challenging Valentino‘s toughness.

SANGUISUGABOGG joined the fray, ridiculing Radke with memes and taunting comments. Radke retaliated by mocking SANGUISUGABOGG‘s band lineup. The exchange escalated with insults and challenges exchanged publicly and privately, leading to attempts to settle scores in person.

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