April 19, 2024


When I first saw ISOxo play in Los Angeles in late 2021 for his debut headline with Brownies & Lemonade, I was left feeling like he was the future. We’d already had him on our Artists To Watch in 2020 list published late 2019, but thanks to the pandemic, it was nearly two years later before I was able to actually see for myself the power he commanded from on-stage.

Clearly, many people now have the same impression since ISOxo, and by association a lot of his contemporaries like Knock2 and FrostTop, have similarly risen the ranks of popularity and notoriety.

Three weekends ago, ISOxo brought his Nightrealm era to an end with a double-header at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. I went the first night, which I erroneously thought was the first night they’d announced before they revealed a second date. Turns out, all the OGs went the second night — which was recorded, and then edited by ISO himself (below) — and it was an entirely different kind of party.

One thing about ISOxo shows is that the energy is actually unmatched. I’ve been to hundreds if not thousands of shows since I became enamored with dance music in 2010, and I’ve never felt anything like the sweaty and spirited crowds that he attracts. Night 1 was still fantastic and when I left I had the same impression. But after seeing the live video from the second night, and how that feeling could be amplified even more, there’s no doubt in my mind that ISOxo is leading a new revolution in trap and bass.

Check out the full video below and stay tuned for next year as he enters his next era — KIDSGONEMAD!


Photo via @ericdrew


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