December 10, 2023
Iron Maiden album covers

Iron Maiden mascot Eddie – Edward T Head, but Eddie to his friends – has for over 40 years been the first point of contact between unsuspecting, wide-eyed pubescents and the world of heavy metal. His slavering grimace has graced almost every piece of Iron Maiden merch, becoming a universally recognised and adored stamp of quality, an ambassadorial icon not just for Britain’s biggest metal band, but for metal itself. He’s come a long way through time and space, evolving from backstreet killer to reigning monarch. This is his story.

Metal Hammer line break

Iron Maiden

The 80s had barely begun when a menacing shadow with burning eyes startled an anonymous rocker in a London backstreet. With the Running Free sleeve, 22-year-old artist Derek Riggs gave us a powerfully visual sense of location to Iron Maiden’s world, and a literal icon of metal lying in wait.

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