October 6, 2022

The Industry Rebel Smoke a.k.a Anthony is a Massachusetts rapper born in Springfield mass son of Robert shields and Natasha russo. Anthony was raised by his grandparents on his fathers side and was making his way through life.

One day when Anthony was 11 he decided to try rapping so he tried freestyling. His family thought he had potential so he kept at it, Anthony’s influences are Eminem 50cent and Lil wayne. At age 20 Smoke became a father to a baby girl named Izabella. He knew he had to work 10x harder and stay focused more than ever now that he had a young one to take care of.In 2013 Anthony had a son Izaiah.Anthony a.k.a Smoke since then has come out with 2 underground mixtapes killa mixtape and “I’m back” mixtape.

He is currently working on his debut album. Smoke has more in store fore the fans so keep a look out for his future projects with Bentley Records. Since joining the label he will be going on his first tour. Currently working on a new project , “Hell Has Frozen” will be the title of the project and will be his first Album dropped through the Label.

Lisa:Hi Smoke! What first got you into music? What did you wanted to become when you were a child?


Honestly listening to eminem just the way he was able to Express himself through his music and connect with people at that point in his career made me want to approach music not only as a fan but as an Artist as well

Lisa: How do you describe your music to people?


I describe my music to people as story telling but also therapeutic. See I’m not good with expressing my thoughts to people or emotions in general but music gives me the platform to be able to speak with all of the fans and even my friends and family.

Lisa: What is your creative process like?


My creative process is different for each record. Essentially starts with finding a beat that I can vibe to then I work on the lyrics. For some songs the verse comes to me faster than the hook and others the hook comes faster. I dont write my lyrics no pen no pad not even with my phone so any and all songs you hear from me are 100% me.

Lisa:I really your single “Finally good”. Can you tell me more about it? What is it about, and how did you get inspired to write it?


The record finally good is about my story on how I came from not really having the means to pursue my dreams to living them. I got the inspiration for the record hearing lil wayne and his label mate’s record called I made it. I was like wow they turned their journeys into a hit record by being raw and honest and I new then that I wanted to tell my story and also inspire everyone to follow their dreams and create their legacy.

Lisa: Can you tell us a bit more about your upcoming project “Hell Has Frozen”?


Hell Has Frozen is my way of saying look you said I couldn’t do this but I proved you wrong. As it’s my debut album I won’t have many features on it but it will definitely be an attention grabber. It’s my story start to finish. One I hope everyone can relate to.

Lisa: What is one message you would give to your fans?


Follow your dreams and your heart. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to and I have faith in you and your ability to do great things.

Lisa: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?


If I wasn’t in the music business I’d be starting my own business or acting. Although I do have other venture other than music like my shoe line Rebel Kings and in the process of starting my own cologne line.

Lisa: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?


For me honestly it a complicated answer. On one hand I feel its harmful because album sales take a hit because now you can listen to full albums without purchase and streaming so it makes it hard for artists to generate revenue outside of touring and merchandise. On the other hand it has helped alot of artists emerge and start careers without rushing and looking for labels and let the labels come to them.

Lisa: Which famous musicians do you admire, and would like to work with?


Artists that admire are Jaqueees Lil wayne eminem 50cent Young Thug their drive to keep grinding inspires me those same artists are the artists that I would like to work with because their work ethic is just amazing.

Lisa: Are you planning to collaborate with any other artist?


I do plan to work with other artists but when the time is right for now I’m just trying to finish my project create great music and keep the fans engaged

Lisa: What is the best advice you’ve been given?


The best advice I was given is don’t let anyone determine who you are only you determine your path and choices

Lisa: What’s next for The Industry Rebel Smoke?


What’s next is hopefully a tour it’s hard with covid-19 going on but I’m doing everything I can to make it happen the grind never stops and neither will I.

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