April 19, 2024

Today we’ve had a very interesting interview with Ito, form “Ito And the Moonlight Hippies”, on their new release “Shooting star” and much more!

Ito and the Moonlight Hippies are an original Psychedelic, Spirit Jam, Rock band out of Easton Pennsylvania. Formed in 2016 by Galen Deery (ukulele and vocals), his brother Simon Deery (bass), friend Michael Lear (drums) and childhood friend Will Coccia (Guitar), the four joined hands and hearts to carry out a vision of a unified humanity through love and music! By getting an early start in the world of music through the School of Rock program, this group of wild guys have been bringing a broad spectrum of influences to a convergence. Read more on their offial website.

Photos by Hannah Souders
Photos by Hannah Souders

Lisa: What is the mission of ‘Ito and the moonlight Hippies’?

Ito: Peace and Love Still Exist! It seems that during this crazy time in human history we’ve lost the idea of living in harmony with the natural world. This music serves me personally as a reminder to spend time in silence. The prayer and mission for this music is to inspire others to restore that harmony within themselves so we can all become more at peace with ourselves. In turn, resulting in a unified world!

Lisa: What about ‘Moonlight Hippies’, is there a story behind the name?

Ito: This is a great question! Our thinking was metaphorical. Going back to the times we are living in, it really seems like there is so much darkness, division, hatred, destruction, affecting our lives and we as musicians feel it’s our responsibility to bring smiles, color, chanting high vibe life into the picture. So similar to how the Moon is the brightest light in the sky at night and pierces through the darkness, we are bringing music that aims to give hope back! Dig?

Lisa: What types of change do you feel your music can initiate?

Ito: Well, changes are funny. I feel that all I ever wish to change is myself. The world is going to go where it’s going and I can’t change that. All I can do is work on myself to be the best person I can be. This music is my weapon, my tool, my offering, my purpose. My hope is that it will bring smiles, laughs, and bring back a real sense of community. It’ a safe place to be exactly who you are!

Lisa: I’ve had the pleasure to listen to your upcoming single “Shooting star”, and I loved it. What is the story behind it, and what inspired you to write it?

Ito: There was a night in 2016, I was laying out under the stars in the redwood forest with a cuddle puddle of free spirited sufis and saw about 20 shooting stars in one night and it was just amazing. But, sitting there, I realized that the true shooting stars are right next to me in this cuddle puddle. They were the ones who really were amazing and made me laugh and smile. In that moment I realized that Ihad been putting value toward my possessions and labels. So instead, I started valuing the people in my life and the energy around me, and that changed everything. I was once stardust and so were you! And we still are but in this solidified human form. We are not alone in this game we call life. The most important thing I recognized is this true fact, that I AM NOT ALONE! Planting seeds of love and kindness, that is what will grow and surround us.


Lisa: You have an album coming up soon. Could you tell us more about it, what can we expect?

Ito: This Album is very dear to me. “Spirit of the Redwoods” is a 14 song record that manifested over the course of three years. The songs were written when I was a young teen, about 15, varying from folk, toheavy rock jams. It’s a vulnerable piece of my life that I dumped into song. Thank you for asking this question! I can’t wait for the day it’s available for my community to hear!  October 23.

Lisa: If you could have any guest musician for an album or live show, living or dead, who would it be?

Ito: Hands down, Trevor Hall. He has been the biggest musical inspiration as well as mentor in my life. His music has allowed me to come out of a seriously dark time in my life. I speak about this on the record coming soon… But yes, Trevor Hall

Lisa: What non-musical entities and ideas have impacted your music?

Ito: The biggest piece of my life that’s not associated with music is my longing for something deeper. Sufism. There are many eastern philosophies and teachers who’ve impacted me and how I walk my ownpath. I’ve opened up to the possibilities of countless meanings of God,after being heavily skeptical. In my own way, I find service to be what God truly is. I am constantly working on myself to use music authentically in that way.

Lisa: You have very interesting lyrics, what is your process to get into the zone for writing?

Ito: I typically don’t find myself getting in the zone. What I’ve come to observe after 7 years of writing music is that the Zone tends to get in me. When its time, its time you know? I don’t ever try to control the process of writing lyrics. Shooting star has a f*ck ton of lyrics and they all flowed out when they wanted to. The words do tend to take the lead when listening to this song, but I think the spaces between the words are where I seek to connect with you!

Lisa: Is there anything that you’d like to add, that I haven’t asked you?

Ito: The last thing I want to say is that this human experience tends to present so many challenges unexpectedly. And I am constantly chasing happiness and love. But if I can just sit still, I realize that I am presented with everything I need in each moment. Trust your own process! Live Free! Peace and Love do still exist!

Thank you!

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