October 6, 2022

H. 4REAL was born in Ghana and reside in Netherlands. H. 4Real literally keeps it real in his music and in his daily life. Not one to mice words, his socially-charged lyrics make that powerful impact whenever they are heard. In an era where most music we hear is all about partying and dancing, it’s refreshing to hear someone come out with positive massages that serves as eye- openers to the masses.
H. 4REAL is not afraid to speak his mind, until his voice is heard around the globe. Let’s get familiar. H. 4real legal name is Amidu Abdul-Rahaman, an independent artist, currently working hard to produce at wisseloord studio in Netherlands to give the world the best of music.

His vision is to become global household Brand in music and varied merchandize product. His mission is to produce music that inspire the new generation (youth) to achieve their dreams and build the attitude of unity and co-existence and well informed mind set, through entertainment and educative music massage.


Lisa: What first got you into music? What did you wanted to become when you were a child?

H. 4REAL: When I was a child, I was fascinated about science and technology and wish to become an astronaut or a worker in NASA. I was inquisitive about space and how nature worked, thus, I wrote several exchange letters to NASA and got replied parcels with booklets and photos. I later got interested in music and started my music career whiles I was in the first year of my senior high school. I had a brother who I worked with during my holidays as a Barber in his barbering salon. One day, he bought a photo calendar with many celebrities, among which was SISQO, an American singer and dancer who inspired me by his music style and looks to begin acting, singing and performing like him. Throughout my home town (langbinsi) I was noted for my best performance, because I could sing and dance just like him. During this same time, I began writing my own songs as well, until my third year in 2001 when I was voted as the entertainment prefect of my school (Nalerigu Senior high) because of my exclusive performance in school entertainment programs.

Lisa: How do you describe your music to people?

H. 4REAL: I describe my music as world music, my music comprises of diverse instruments and style across the globe. I am naturally diverse in my compositions and talk about social issues such as peaceful coexistence, love/hate, life straggles, success, happiness, social warning/ awareness and anything relating to human existence and interaction. No subject matter is off the table in my music. It’s important for us as musicians to spread socially conscious messages in our music. Yeah, it’s good to dance and have fun, but we must be ready to open the eyes of our listeners, and empower them. It’s our social responsibility.

Lisa: Would you walk me through the process on one of the ideas that became a song?

H. 4REAL: “I am a Hustler” song is one example of an idea that turn to be a full massaged track. This idea came to mind when I lost my father at a very young age and was left with my unemployed mother to take care of me and my other siblings. After senior high school, my poor mother could not pay for my college fee, so I had to move to the street and hustle for my own growth and survival. One day after walking on the street of Accra for the whole day without food, I asked myself these questions;

Are many young people also in my situation?

What I am struggling for in life?

What could take me out of permanent hunger?

The answers that came to mind was; Money is the solution to the hunger. I needed to straggle more to get money. Also, I observed that, both rich and poor was in continues struggle (Hustle) for money.

With my creative mind, I saw these words could be put together and restructured to sound well as hip pop song. There, I started re-arranging the words in my mind and singing them until I composed the full song by adding addition concepts and information.

Lisa: Who are your biggest influences and why?

H. 4REAL: Sisqo is definitely the first person to influence me simple because of his fashion style and the innovative music style and dancing ability.

My second influencer is Jay-z, because of his wide range of business mindset as an artist who created a lot of employment opportunities for many people.

Lisa: I really liked your song “I am a Hustler”. Can you tell me more about it? What is it about, and how did you get inspired to write it?

H. 4REAL: ‘I AM A HUSTLER’ is a new generation Hip pop song that explain how people struggle every day to acquire money. It explains my personal life, how I struggle every day to become rich but the results are not coming. It describes how, both rich and poor continue to work/struggle/hustle for money.

After senior high school, my poor mother could not pay for my college fee, so I had to move to the street and hustle for money to continue my education and survival. This got me inspired to put words together through my real-life experience to write it.

Lisa: What types of change do you feel your music can initiate?

H. 4REAL: It will surely initiate positive change such as motivate people to chase their dreams, create awareness of social problems, inspire lovers to feel the full joy of their love relationships, Partying and dance motivated.

Lisa: What is one message you would give to your fans?

H. 4REAL: My fans are called “The Real People” I appreciate the love and support from all the fans. In fact, you are all real but not fake. They should expect more insightful new things from me, they should continue to share my works and follow my pages “H. 4real” in all social media platforms.

Keep being a real person, follow you dreams and we shall change the world.

Lisa: Do you feel different creatively after moving from Ghana to Netherlands? How did this impact your music?

H. 4REAL: Yes, I find it little difficult in my way to the right people and networks to promote and manage my artwork. Netherland music industry is big and organized I believe meeting the right people can push me to achieve my biggest goals in the world of music, since I have great songs to be released.

Lisa: What non-musical entities and ideas have impacted your music?

H. 4REAL: My wider educational background has greatly impacted my music. Also, my circle of friends and the complex nature of the digital world has impacted my music. Furthermore, lack of adequate financial support has greatly impacted my music.

Lisa: Are you planning to collaborate with any other artist?

H. 4REAL: Yes, I have a list of top artists in the Netherland, Africa and other part of the world to collaborate with.

Lisa: What’s next for 4REAL?

H. 4REAL: Dropping a new single by the end of the year and move to the top charts of the world.

Get ready, this song will blow your mind.

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