June 2, 2023

Foreign Behavior is a female rap artist from the Bay Area. Thou she’s always been known for being influential through writing in general, capturing interests of all her readers via social media, nothing has changed as she transforms that same energy into her music. Her lyrics cut straight from her heart and real life experiences and released heartfelt!

Lisa: Hi Foreign! What’s your earliest memory of music?

Foreign Behavior : Wow, my first memory of music had to be me @11 years old dancing with my sister and two other girls mimicking Michael Jacksons thriller video dancing to the song titled “Thriller”… we won that talent show 👌🏾lol

Lisa: How has growing up in Bay Area influenced you as an artist?

Foreign Behavior : The Bay Area loves music. We eat , drink and sleep the hottest bay are rappers. A lot of great music came out of the bay and we capitalize and express it also with our urban gear! As a result, you wanna be a part of that.. especially if your one of the artist making music. I’ve been writing raps since I was 11 so I just figured it was time to push it!

Lisa: How rap music influences female confidence?

Foreign Behavior : To me, As a female rapper… It builds my confidence because of what I rap about. I get to talk about where I been, where I’m trying to go with no backlash, I mean unless they wanna write a disc rap. I feel good when I rap about my self image, the designer, the jewelry, the foreign whips. You can only do that when your confident. That’s what rap industry does for me.


Lisa: What is the message you are trying to give with your music?

Foreign Behavior : When I first started selling my music, I used it as a backlash.. as a way to finally get to tell everybody how I felt about em , hatin how the treated me from childhood to now. Mostly stated in my song titled “The Audio-Biography “ . It was my outlet. Now, it’s still an outlet but I’ve to to express it in a way as to touch the lives of the people who’ve experienced the same trajectory situations I have such as my song entitled “Mama”. Now I’m putting out love, laughter and Life:)

Lisa: How do you think you differ from other artists?

Foreign Behavior : What makes me different from most artist is that I don’t plan to make my artist struggle through my rapping growing pains before they get a album out of me that they really like, I’m already older, I’m already wiser.. I’m cuttin to the chase!

Lisa: What other hobbies or interests do you have?

Foreign Behavior : Some of my other hobbies include dancing, working out, Tatting, and designing clothing.

Lisa: Could you tell me more about your “The Audio – Biography” release?

Foreign Behavior : When I wrote the Audio-biography I was really angry at the world. It was the second release ever and I felt like it could be my only chance to get it all out, I don’t know why. The song is 80 bars , with no hook.. lol I needed all the space, the entire song. It talks about the disloyalty I’ve experienced, the loves I’ve lost, my past street life, abandonedment and the like. I actually won a place in a competition in Oakland with this song, and I feel like it was because of the passion in the song. And I can stand apologetic to anyone that may of taken it offensively.

You have very interesting lyrics. What does your curiosity look like? How do you explore things?

Foreign Behavior : Dam, yes the “rapper” part of me has a terrible mouth I admit. But it where I come from, Rich City ( Richmond Ca) made me, so when I’m in that mode, I have no zones. I think beyond your average thought but still from the heart, so I don’t run outta shit to say

Lisa: I loved your song “D’Barbie If I Was Rich”. Where did you get inspiration to write it?

Foreign Behavior : “If I was rich “ was pretty much me and DBarbie given the world a dose of how we would act if we really had a lot of cash. What living “the life” would look like for us. Where we come from they only rap about what they “actually” have. And by me fantasizing I was aloud to take it as far as I wanted.

Lisa: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Foreign Behavior : If I could change one thing about the industry, I’d remind people that there’s enough money out here for everybody and that all of our talents are our own. New music doesn’t mean someone is stepping on anyone’s toes. It just means there’s a new wave of network ing.

Lisa: Thank you for your time and for the last question, what is next for you on the horizon?

Foreign Behavior : What’s next for me is the release of my very first album titled “Pandemic… antisocial AF” by Foreign Behavior so stay tuned to mi IG page and my clothing line 4oreign Behavior Clothing Launches 2021 . Also on IG

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