June 7, 2023

My name is Elhaji Mansaray, popular known as DJ Ejay. I am from Sierra Leone west Africa, I was born in August 18 1988. My dream was to become a soccer player. I have play soccer for 14 years in NYC, I have play soccer from high school to College level, in 2007 i became injured and that was the end of my soccer career. After I got injured, I decided to start my dj career. I started my dj career june 2009 IN NYC, By then I have foster and grow a strong listening base within the Sierra leonean and African community. I became the owner of EJ and MC ENTERTAINMENT. I have creates much of my success working with different Artists, showcasing them, doing sold out show etc. I have work with Artists such as KOA DENERO, Daddy Saj, Queennak, Jay Sankoh, Abizzy, Shady Baby, Ayo jay, Teni, etc I have also work in top clubs within the united states such as Club 35 in Ny, Club lost in Ny Club TG, and club Currently I own a DJ EJAY talk show on Facebook live, were as I use the platform to help promote different artists. I am also part of the biggest African club in NYC USLO. UNITED SIERRA LEONE ORGANIZATION. USLO are the club that doing the biggest African boat party in NYC. Also I am the financial secretary in USLO club.

Lisa: Hello Dj Ejay! You went for a music career because of the football injury. How did that feel, were you disappointed? Tell me more about your beginnings.

Dj Ejay: In the beginning I was kind of disappointed because soccer was my dream. When I was young growing up all I know was soccer but when I became injured I realized that soccer is not the only thing that I can do.

Lisa: Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for?

Dj Ejay: I started challenge myself by starting doing my doing. My biggest inspiration was Ronaldinho and the person that I have respect for is DJ envy from power 105.1, I like the way he is carrying himself as a dj.

Lisa: What is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming DJs making? / What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

Dj Ejay: The mistake that I have seen a lot of upcoming dj are doing is most of them are not humble, the feel too much of themselves they feel like they know everything. My advice as an upcoming dj you have to humble yourself and always willing to learn from other.

Lisa: What’s the favorite track you’ve made, and why?

Dj Ejay: My favorite song that I never get tired of is changes by Tupac

Lisa: What festivals would you most like to play at?

Dj Ejay: The festival that I like to play is the African day parade. That festival allows me to meet with different types of people that came from different part of Africa. It it also allows me learn about others culture.

Lisa: What is something that bugs you about the DJ scene?

Dj Ejay: The thing that bug me the most in a dj scene is when people are requests songs that I have already play 3 times in the same party.

Lisa: What’s next for Dj Ejay?

Dj Ejay: The things that is next for me is I want to continue to grow so that one day I can have my own a big studio were I can help kid that want to become dj.

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