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Interview with Diale Infinity on Attack on the Corruption To Spirituality and more

When you lose fear, you lose the burden of limitation

Diale Infinity is an 19 year old independent artist from the East Coast. His style is a mix of political hip hop, paired with a unique instrumental from which he also creates. His content can range from a fearless attack on the corruption existing within the world, to spirituality and how it intertwines with his life.

Lisa: This may come across a bit corny but if you could describe yourself with one word what would it be?

Diale Infinity: Unparalleled

Lisa: Who and what are your influences that helped create your unique sound?

Diale Infinity: I listened to a lot of Wu Tang Clan and old Japanese instrumental music when I was younger, in addition to the anime I was watching (Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha). But I also listened heavily to System of a Down which gave me the courage to speak on whatever I wanted to behind the mic. In terms of now, I try to let whatever beats I create come naturally and from scratch, to go with my writing.

Lisa: You have very intricate and thought out lyrics and songs what is your process to get into the zone?

Diale Infinity: I don’t necessarily have a process for writing; some songs I finish right before or after I make the beat, and some I’ll write at random times whenever I think of bars. When I’m writing though, I try to create stories laced in duality, that would take thorough and multiple listens to decipher. I have no limit when it comes to creating art, and I understand the importance of lyricism. I want for every song I make to be full of as many meaningful and enjoyable lyrics as possible. 

Lisa: During this crazy period of Lockdown, you have dropped you’re a Single “Dark Matter”. Tell us a bit more about it?

Diale Infinity: I’m a very spiritual person. I also, as a Black man, understand the importance of melanin on both a personal and major scale. Beyond the trauma we’ve endured as enslaved POWs since our empires over the world fell (Songhai, Muurs, etc), and the strategic attack on our people from predictive programming/social engineering destroying our figures of strong Black men and the family unit, to the destruction of our communities through gentrification, redlining and trafficking (drug, sex and organ); we’ve as a whole continued to remain strong. I wanted to make a song that highlighted how, no matter what we may endure, we remain standing strong and ready for anything as nature will use her children to rid herself of her viruses.

Lisa: What is your view on current political climate?

Diale Infinity: Living in the U.S, I’ve been no stranger to seeing firsthand the amount of corruption that exists on all levels of the state. This country, as with most today, was started and still is ran by freemasons. Now we could go down the rabbit hole of things like Bohemian Grove, the pedophilic and perverse nature of Hollywood, adrenochrome and the sex/organ trafficking that goes on; all of which, are protected by the state. What’s going on now is all apart of the plan, as following The Book of the Law, this would be the Aeon of Horus. As the state continues to fear monger the masses by programming such as the scripted “news”, blur the line between & divide the man and women by every facet imaginable, poison the public as they willingly surrender their natural rights; the new one world will continue to seize control. Naturally, as the Blacks of the past who ruled were cut short in their reign, so will those who do so now; nothing lasts forever. 

Lisa: What types of change do you feel your music can initiate?

Diale Infinity: When you lose fear, you lose the burden of limitation. I will that anyone who hears my music will learn to lose their ego, tap in to their higher self and real potential (we are not the body), and do whatever they can to learn the true nature of this plane of existence we’re in. I feel like the more people that hear my music, the more people I can help elevate their being and aid in trying to restore some sort of balance and harmony about the world. 

Lisa: What kind of sound are you looking to explore?

Diale Infinity: As of now, I’m sitting on three projects, all with my distinct sound but eventually, I’d want to venture into making rock; specifically metal. Some of my favorite bands growing up were System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, Slipknot, Nirvana, Linkin Park and Tenacious D. I’ve always had a slight knack for rock because I used to hear a lot of Jimi Hendrix when I was younger. I don’t want to have an over-saturation of rap, as still there’s no limit to my scope of writing topics, but for my released thus far, I’ve already said more than most will ever say. 

Lisa: What non-musical entities and ideas have impacted your music?

Diale Infinity: I was raised around Ifa and Voodoo because of my mother, which is something that’s always stuck. I believe in reincarnation and feel like this isn’t the first time I’ve been here. Besides growing up in the east coast and in the south, I’ve also had the opportunity to befriend and talk with people from all of the world, which in all has taught me to understand better all walks of life and just how much damage those in “power” have done. 

Lisa: What advice or philosophy might you impart to other musicians, be it in forms of creativity, technical stuff, the business side of it, or anything else?

Diale Infinity: Nothing is free. Don’t sign a faustian bargain, and try to make something meaningful. This is a material world, but don’t let materialism consume and corrupt you. Don’t pimp yourself out looking for easy fame, because spiritually you’ll forever see debt. Protect and cherish yourself before anything. 

Lisa: What is your view on technology in music?

Diale Infinity: I’m a really old soul, so ironically I favor real instrumentals over anything. Eventually I hope to get to a point where I can perform with all real instruments, because I try to make melodies that can easily translate to real instruments. Technology in music can be very good when it’s not overdone, and when you keep it rhythmic, but when a song gets to sounding too robotic or lifeless, technology has worked against the user. 

Lisa: What are your plans for the future?

Diale Infinity: I definitely want to continue to grow my support musically. I’m hoping to continue releasing good music and growing my stock. Eventually I’d hope that my music can pay the bills, especially so I don’t have any college loans to pay off. Sooner than later I’d want to venture into rock either with a band or solo, and I want to genuinely help my community out in any real ways possible.

Thank you!

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Written by Lisa

Lisa is an undergraduate at Universitá Degli Studi di Roma, she is currently studying course in modern pop culture. She loves to write about and live for the music.


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