June 1, 2023

Craig Moreau has seen his share of struggle and hardship. Growing up in a broken home, he walked a destructive path that led to a decade long drug and alcohol addiction that wound him up in the revolving door of jails, institutions, and prison. While in prison, he had an epiphany to finally chase his dream of being a recording artist. He began to write songs again, and upon his release, made his dream into a reality.

Craig’s musical influences span over many genres and include artists such as Garth Brooks, Bob Segar, Bon Jovi, James Taylor, and Billy Joel. This melting pot of styles makes Craig’s singing and songwriting truly one of a kind.

When he isn’t performing or recording, Craig spends his time helping others to recover from drug and alcohol addiction, and co-hosts the No Turning Back 365 podcast with his wife, Natalie, which focuses on the journey to a total self-transformation. Craig’s new album “Under the Covers” is being released on June 30th, and will be available on all download and streaming platforms!

Lisa: What got you to write songs? And how much of an impact it had because of growing up in a broken home?


Ever since I was little, I was always drawn to music. It was an escape for me. When I was 8 and myparents split up, it left a void in me, and I needed a way to express myself. It wasn’t until my teenageyears that I realized it would be through songwriting.

Lisa: What is your creative process?


I get asked this question a lot and it really varies. Sometimes I wake up from a dream with lyrics and a melody in my head, and I’ll start writing them down right away so I don’t forget them. Other times, somebody will say something in conversation and it will spark a song idea. Most of the time, I’m writing from personal experiences.

Lisa: What are your strengths? Weaknesses?


My strengths are I’m determined, motivational, and hard working. I go after what I want. I have the ability to sing any song and make it unique. I have a knack for finding the positive in everything. My biggest weakness is being too hard on myself.

Lisa: Can you uncover some details about your upcoming album “Under the Covers”? Is there a theme that connects the songs, or is it something else?


I was sharing my musical influences with somebody and they commented how eclectic they werebecause they span over different genres. Some include Garth Brooks, Bon Jovi, James Taylor, and REO Speedwagon. I had this idea of doing a concept album where I would cover artists who have had the biggest impact on me musically. It would give people an insight to my musical tastes and influences, and more importantly showcase my versatility as a vocalist. And thus, “Under the Covers” was born.

Lisa: Do you ever get inside your own mind, though, about the details? Do you start to write a song about something particular and then be like, this is not an interestingthing?


Yes. Sometimes I’ll overthink a song and it will end up sitting unfinished for a while.I’ve come to the realization that music is so creative and inspiring that I can’t overthink the details, I just have to trust I had the idea for a reason and write it anyway.

Lisa: Who would you most like to collaborate with?


I would love to write a song with Luke Combs

Lisa: You’re also helping others to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Can you tell us a bit more about that?


I know what it’s like to be down and out and completely hopeless. I thank God that I was able to overcome my addiction, and I want people to know that there is a way out. Since I’ve been there, I have a unique ability to relate to those still struggling and share how I recovered.



Lisa: What is the best advice you’ve been given?


Never stop evolving spiritually. Always look to expand your consciousness.

Lisa: What’s next for Craig Moreau?


My new album “Under the Covers” is available for pre-order and available everywhere June 30th. I’m hoping to start playing live again and will be traveling to Nashville to work on my next EP.

Thank you!

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