June 2, 2023
Angelo Melendez A.K.A Veelito grew up poor in the streets went from playing ball to doing criminal activities selling drugs misled following others. But he was also a rapper he did worldly hip hop expressed negativity through music and then after prayers from his mother and sisters he had an encounter with God.
This changed him forever now a Christian making music for God going church and Praising God also with a basketball team called the Bronx Holy Flames in the M.B.L .
Preaching through basketball Veelito brings God’s truth through music a Christian hip hop artist  /Songwriter/Composer/ from God’s Work Volume 1 with Christflow Team S.w.a.t  to Light Over Darkness album (Let thy will be done in me) Now Different Praises will be one of his most powerful and unique releases so far. starting with Let’s Praise the lord together and Visions and he just getting warmed up.

Lisa: Define the mission of Angelo Melendez A.K.A Veelito

Angelo Melendez A.K.A Veelito: My mission is to bless my listeners, my music is driven by the Holy Spirit my God given talents are from him so he gets all the Glory.

Lisa: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Angelo Melendez A.K.A Veelito: Well I would say Spiritual music or Christian hip hop but I could jump around genres and hit different styles so be on look out for that.

Lisa: How do you nourish your creative side when you’re not working? And how do you avoid burnout?

Angelo Melendez A.K.A Veelito: Well there will never be a burnout only when my time is up. God is everlasting see when God gives you something its forever and no one can take it way so my gift is here to stay God works through me.

Lisa: What types of change do you feel your music can initiate?

Angelo Melendez A.K.A Veelito: Yes big changes I pray for change I pray they have an encounter with God through this music they hear that’s the ultimate goal for real All Glory to God.

Lisa: Your latest release “Let’s Praise the lord together” has some strong anti-racist messages, and I really like it. What inspired you to write it?

Angelo Melendez A.K.A Veelito: Well growing up in hood you see alot and coming from the streets you know how things are and how they have been so its just facts really but also now knowing the word of God it’s like really disturbing because if you make it to heaven God’s not gonna ask you what’s your color or what race you are.

Lisa: You said you’ve had an encounter with God that changed you forever. Can you tell us a bit more about that experience?

Angelo Melendez A.K.A Veelito: Well it’s a long story I grew up in the streets violence and drugs around me everyone new me as a drug dealer and user I started doing music for the world and wanted to stop but the devil came with a bigger offer I know that now so basically I was moving drugs on a big level and my mother and sisters became Christians and told me God was gonna take me out of that life I didn’t believe it till it happened all on 1 day on my birthday my life changed I was supposed to do my regular shipment pick up but I couldn’t catch no flights or no buses and I wanted to go so bad I didn’t care I was so lost but I couldn’t I know it was God who didn’t let me go he saved me because that day my boy Got arrested so when I found out it hit me but not all the way I was thinking about what my sister and my mother was saying but still I went to get some drinks after to clear head then this girl came through that we new but I didn’t even know she was Christian or that God would use her like he did she asked why you so down ain’t it your birthday but I didn’t tell her what happened I just told her I’m going through alot right now and then she put her hand on my shoulder and siad God has been saving you all this time you need to come to christ you need to come to church and those words didn’t come from her they came from God because when I heard them they cut my soul deep and I instantly felt different I felt hurt and I new God was real thats when God chose me after that I went to church for 6 months just hearing the word then got baptized although they all said I would receive the Holy spirit while getting baptized it didn’t happen that way for me but 2 weeks after I fasted for 3 days in a row went to church that Sunday and that’s when I was fully blessed with the Holy Spirit I grabbed hold of a chair and couldn’t stop crying hysterically for 20 minutes I was cleansed then felt inner peace for the first time All Glory to God Forever !!!

Lisa: Describe your approach to recording.

Angelo Melendez A.K.A Veelito: It’s pretty standard I don’t record till I’ve practice fully the song I’m doing and also sometimes I hold off on recording as long as I can because you might get something extra to add to that song but that’s God you know Prayer before recording also but understand it’s not me whatever happens is God doing it he’s in control so anything that happens during the session it was ment to happen I will give you 1 example while recording let em lead on the light over Darkness album my boy the engineer did something with my breath and didn’t know what he did and usually he cuts out all the breath on the recording but when we heard it over it sounded fire so we kept it all Glory to God !!!

Lisa: What non-musical entities and ideas have impacted your music?

Angelo Melendez A.K.A Veelito: My music is inspired by the word of God and the Holy spirit because God is everything.

Lisa: What does your curiosity look like? How do you explore things?

Angelo Melendez A.K.A Veelito: The only thing I’m curious about is God’s will let thy will be done me I just want to be obedient to God its not easy in this world but that’s my curiosity and concern.

Lisa: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Angelo Melendez A.K.A Veelito: Everything ! the industry needs God. I pray for them all.

Lisa: What are your plans for the future?

Angelo Melendez A.K.A Veelito: Keep moving with God till he takes me home.

Thank you!

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