September 30, 2023
Inaugural Chicago Halloween Festival Necropolis Cancels

Chicago ravers were dismayed to hear that the bass and DnB Halloween festival Necropolis was canceled before its first event. 

The official statement is vague stating, “We strive to put out the best experience possible for our fans, unfortunately we no longer feel that we can accomplish this.” This hints at potential logical issues or something clearly going wrong behind the scenes. 

Necropolis will still be hosting a few indoor shows with some of the artists from the lineup and an Excision Afterparty, meaning that at least some of the artists will still be in the area despite the cancellation. 

Necropolis is run by Chicago’s music event company Auris Presents, the same company that hosted ARC and Heatwave Music Festival earlier this year. The lineup was set to feature some extreme heavyweights in the dubstep scene like the king of bass Excision, DJ Diesel aka Shaq, and headbanger favorite Kayzo. They were also praised for their DnB lineup unlike most seen in the States with Dimension, Reaper, and Blanke

Ticket holders will be receiving information on refunds in the coming days. 

Featured image from Excision courtesy of Necropolis Music Festival credit Luis Colato, Second image from Necropolis 

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