March 2, 2024
In Memoriam - Rockers We Lost in 2022

Death is a sad but inevitable reality, and though we have mourned the loss of multiple integral figures in the rock and metal community in 2022, we can also celebrate their lasting legacies.

Perhaps most notably, the death of rock superstar Meat Loaf shook the rock world this year. But of those who passed on have not all been performers.

Michael Lang, the founder and promoter of the Woodstock Music Festival died on Jan. 8 from a rare illness. Although the original Woodstock was a logistical disaster and money pit, the image of the show softened over time as its place in music and cultural history became more important.

The man who banked on Metallica also died early in 2022. Jonny Z, founder of Megaforce Records, was the man who saw potential in the thrash upstarts from a flea market demo tape. Members of the band were understandably broken when they heard the news. Metalheads owe a lot to Jonny Z.

Read on to find out some of the other significant deaths in the rock and metal world that have taken place in 2022. And may your favorite rockers continue to live long and prosper.

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