December 11, 2023
ILLENIUM Releases Animated Sci-Fi Short-Film 'Starfall' Featuring Music From His Latest Album

ILLENIUM is venturing into the film space as he just released an animated short film called Starfall to accompany the music behind his latest album, ILLENIUM.

Starfall is a stunning 30-minute sci-fi adventure inspired by gaming and anime. The story follows a hero who closely resembles the ILLENIUM on his journeys all soundtracked by music from the new LP.

The video cycles between 3D gaming and classic drawn anime animations, adding an extra layer of awe to the dramatic story.

ILLENIUM told Rock Sound about the new visual aspects, “This album, artistically, there’s a whole world that goes with it. We’re putting out a mini-movie, we have a graphic novel. There is crazy character development. I love making everything grander feeling if I can.”

The self-titled ILLENIUM album and short-film soundtrack feature a host of top-tier and unexpected collaborators from rock, punk, and metal.

ILLENIUM told EDM Maniac, “I always work with people that I’m a fan of. A lot of the rock stuff is what I listen to most in my free time. Like a lot of Spiritbox and Motionless In White and All Time Low and all those icons.”

Check out ILLENIUM’s animated short film Starfall below:

Featured image credit Rukes

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