March 2, 2024
idris elba

Idris Elba and his wife, Sabrina, are working with BBC and CBC on a three-part docuseries called “Paid in Full: The Battle for Payback.” The project will focus on the music industry’s infamous reputation for exploiting Black artists. Plus, exploring attempts to secure reparations for these artists’ denied rightful profits and recognition for their talents.

Producers Working On The Docuseries

Elba is set to produce the docuseries through his production company, Green Door Pictures. His company’s goal is to produce innovative and entertaining films and TV series for a global audience. The docuseries will also be produced by his wife’s company, Pink Towel, and Zinc Media’s production label Supercollider.

“Soundtracks Of Our Lives”

The Takers actor talks about the documentary saying, “It’s about the people who created the soundtracks of our lives in popular music and the pain of their exploitation.” This group of producers believe this project will go beyond people’s expectations. There is no release date at this time.

Idris Elba Controversy: “Black Actor”

This happening as earlier this year Idris Elba made a controversial comment about being a Black actor. The DJ said, “I stopped describing myself as a Black actor when I realized it put me in a box.” Further saying that our skin “is just skin,” and as anyone can imagine that comment caused an uproar. He later defended himself from the backlash, “Being an ‘actor’ is a profession…not defined by race. However, if YOU define your work by your race, that is your [sic] prerogative.”

Nia Long’s Comments On “Black Movies”

Nia long once said something similar about black movies, to stop calling that “genre” that. She thinks that terms like “Black movies” and “Blackfamous” are only holding us back. Other films are usually not referred to as such unless there is a predominantly Black cast. It places us in a box, as the British actor defended a similar argument by his controversial statement.

Nia Long at movie premiere. Image source: Sipa USA via AP.

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