September 26, 2023
"I Haven't Felt Like an Artist In a Long Time": Lucii's New Song Is a Whirlwind of Festered Emotions -

Class of 2021 star Lucii has shared a brand new track, an emotive dance record called “Sleeping Pills.”

Lucii’s sultry vocals dance atop potent, pillowy production in “Sleeping Pills.” She maintains a subtle sound in the verses, only to unleash a cathartic chorus with gut-wrenching lyrics about losing someone she cares about and the inability to silence her mind.

“Tears falling from my eyes / I’m alright, I’m fine, I lie / ‘Cause I keep having to take sleeping pills,” sings Lucii. 

Alongside the release of “Sleeping Pills” Lucii shared a hypnotic lyric video, which you can check out below.

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