February 21, 2024
HUGEL x Jude & Frank x Paolo Pellegrino choon ‘Rio Rio’ (feat. Martina Camargo)

On a certified hot streak, DJ/producer HUGEL ventures into his next adventure, teaming up with Italian house heads Jude & Frank and fellow hit producer Paolo Pellegrino to deliver the brisk new single “Rio Rio.” Featuring the warm, traditional vocals of Colombian singer Martina Camargo, the record breathes a rare blend of contemporary house music and vintage Latin sounds, culminating in a tasty vocal hook and dynamic horns and percussion. An enticing crowd-pleaser, “Rio Rio” takes you straight back to the heat!

As these three forces coincide, “Rio Rio” brings the energy you’d expect from them. Bursting out with an up-tempo rhythm, full of percussion and Martina Camargo’s inviting vocals, the record sets off towards a vibrant drop, heavy on the beat, while expressing the song’s lively chorus by the hand of sweet backing vocals. Adding more warmth, horns go up and down, providing a further Latin dynamic to the ongoing beat, as well as Camargo, who proves to be an indestructible vocalist in any shape or setting.

“Rio Rio” is what happens when a team of taste making artists comes together, shaping a sound that blends up winding electronic sounds with organic instruments and traditional vocals. Good vibes are timeless, so much is clear, as this record brings the best of both worlds.

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