April 19, 2024
How SLANDER "Thrive" by Leaning On Each Other - EDM.com


SLANDER know first-hand how invaluable a good co-pilot is.

The duo of Derek Andersen and Scott Land recently released their debut studio album, Thrive. Released on September 22nd, the record is a culmination of a decade of touring in tandem, co-producing songs and putting their creative heads together.

It’s a formula that has brought SLANDER no shortage of success. In fact, brief deviations from their shared journey have been uncomfortable and unwelcome.

“When we’re performing, we can lean on each other,” Andersen tells . “I think that’s super huge. We’ve both done a couple of solo shows over the course of this journey. Personally, I remember doing a show. Scott was having surgery and I think it was in Thailand a couple of years ago for 25,000 people. I remember getting up there and starting to play. I was really, really high up away from the crowd and I just felt completely alone. It was not the best feeling. It felt like I was on an island by myself, just DJing for myself.”


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