January 31, 2023

It may seem that learning a song or writing your own song, then making a video is enough to get you started. But what you have done is started promoting your music. There are some other important steps in this process. We should look at them as the best tips for selling your music.
First of all, these steps should be taken in the right order. If you leave out an important step or two, or rush to the end of the list, you might find yourself to be a struggling young musician rather than a successful independent performer.
Make sure you have good music to offer. Practice and fine-tune your performance so that you give listeners and video viewers something of real value. If you want to be known by your own name, settle on that and don’t change it during the growing period. When it comes to name recognition, give them something they can rely on.
Focus your efforts on develop contacts – a network – rather than trying to get signed by some major corporation. Connect with local fans, people who might need musicians and singers to fill time etc. Put up a Web site, even if it is very simple. A lot of music connections are made online these days. If you want lists of pro connections to get you started – A&R, Record Producers etc try this link.
Work with your listeners, your family, and your close friends. Remember that one of the most important tips for hopeful singers and musicians is this: include others in your efforts. Let them help with promotion, the Web site and so on. Have a recording – CD, video or both – available as soon as possible. Even if you are playing in a local community center for little or nothing in the way of pay, have something the audience members can take home.
At this point, you should probably think about where you fit in with other types of music. What is your niche? This can help you get attention from a loyal following. As you are promoting your music, don’t rely on what you have already done or what you did in the past. Make new music. Learn new songs. Keep it fresh!
One of the great rock musicians of the classic era (1960s and 1970s) said that when you start out you should play for anyone who will listen. Go out into the world and play some live gigs. Get experience. This will give you the best opportunities for mixing with your potential fan base. You will also be able to sell CDs and give away business information like flyers and cards with your information.
As you begin to promote music, always keep this essential thought in mind: A very small number of singers and musicians “make it” with a huge recording contract. The vast majority of musicians and singers make their way in the world of music with self-promotion, direct contact with fans and even with assistance from loyal, hard-working members of the fan base. Promoting your music is the key to success.

Our best recommendation to take the effort out of this if you want to know more is John Oszajca’s Music Marketing Manifesto.

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