February 26, 2024
Here's a List of Every Electronic Music Show at Red Rocks In 2023

Dom Dolla, SVDDEN DEATH, Dabin, Tchami and many more are set to perform at the iconic open-air venue in 2023.

If music were water, Colorado would never run dry.

It’s no secret that the state is a hub for electronic music. And its most iconic concert venue, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, is its biggest purveyor.

Celebrated for its natural acoustics, which are made possible by two giant monoliths flanking the amphitheater, the open-air venue is one of those ineffable places that consistently manufactures “you had to be there” moments. Ergo, only those who have attended an electronic dance music show at Red Rocks can experience their energy and vouch for how special they are.

NGHTMRE performs at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Jason Siegel

And the EDM community has a lot to look forward to in 2023. Red Rocks is set host a litany of remarkable electronic shows, which will feature Dom Dolla, SVDDEN DEATH, Dabin, Tchami and many more.

We’ll update the list below as more shows are announced. You can purchase tickets here.

Red Rocks 2023 Schedule

  • March 31: Dabin – “Sanctuary” w/ Ray Volpe, JVNA, Grabbitz, MYRNE
  • April 1: Dom Dolla w/ Patrick Topping, LF SYSTEM, Torren Foot, Option4, Ladies of Leisure
  • April 2: Dom Dolla w/ Patrick Topping, LF SYSTEM, Torren Foot, Option4, Ladies of Leisure
  • April 6: Mersiv – “Mersiv Rocks: Journey to Mars” w/ Daily Bread, Tripp St., SIPPY, AstroLizard, Smoakland presents Liquid Smoak, Honeycomb
  • April 7: Tchami w/ Disco Lines, Noizu, Capozzi
  • April 13: Subtronics – “Cyclops Rocks III” w/ Pendulum (DJ Set), HOL!, Leotrix ARTIX! b2b SweetTooth
  • April 14: Subtronics – “Cyclops Rocks III” w/ Netsky, IMANU, VEIL, AHEE
  • April 15: Bob Moses & Ben Böhmer w/ Layla Benitez, CRi, Andy Immerman
  • April 18: Boris Brejcha w/ Ann Clue, Moritz Hofbauer, Deniz Bul
  • April 23: SVDDEN DEATH – “The Valley of Darkness II” w/ Apashe, YVM3, YAKZ b2b Prosecute, HVDES, VanFleet
  • April 27: Gorgon City – “Enter the Realm” w/ DJ Seinfeld, Franky Wah, Korolova, Yulia Niko
  • May 6: Ganja White Night – “Wobble Rocks II” w/ Eazybaked, Kumarion, Sicaria Sound, LYNY, R.O.
  • May 7: Ganja White Night – “Wobble Rocks II” w/ Gentlemens Club, IT HZ, Bricksquash, Cool Customer, Abstrakt Sonance
  • May 14: John Summit
  • May 25: Two Friends
  • August 31: Rezz – “Rezz Rocks V”
  • September 1: Rezz – “Rezz Rocks V” w/ Ivy Lab, Esseks, ROSSY, isqa

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