April 14, 2024
Guitarist Scott Roby leaves Pröwess and hands the reigns to his bandmates

Photo by Hive Minds Media

Guitarist Scott Roby leaves Pröwess and hands the reigns to his bandmates

Big news from the Pröwess camp as the North Carolina rockers’ co-founder, leader, elder statesman and guitarist Scott Roby has elected to leave the band and seemingly retire from being a full-time touring musician at the age of 40.

The following message was posted on Pröwess‘ Facebook page earlier today:

Photo by Hive Minds Media

“From: Scott

To: Pröwess

Welp boys, this is my stop. I’m out. I gave her hell and like it or not you fuckin’ know it. I’m one of the lucky few musicians that has been able to stay on the road full-time over the past decade+. I made it all the way to 40 years old and managed to keep my hairline. So that’s it, fuck I ain’t pushing it to 41 cause who fuckin’ knows. It is time.

Unbeknownst to you, every ounce of energy that was put into this band was always gonna be directly proportional to what you were gonna get out of it, because you were the ones that were gonna end up with it in the end. Hence why I didn’t mind pushing y’all like a drill sergeant and scaring the fuck outta ya. It was long ago when you all stopped caring about the house staff ear-hustling us so they could talk shit about that loud mean bastard guitarist. In the end what they thought didn’t matter, because it wasn’t for them and it wasn’t for me. It was for you. How else would a pack of knuckleheads like us been able to live such a lavish lifestyle of ketchup sandwiches and Lortab mayonnaise every night?

Dalton, you got enough heart to fill a battleship. Mange, you got the dont-give-a-fuck of a grizzly bear. Lunchbox, you got more faith in yourself than most pornstars y’all will be just fine.

Curly Staples you are the most talented, gifted and gentle soul I ever met, and that’s what makes you a badass. Of all the ones I’ve shared a stage with, you’re the only one I ever looked up to. Take this bitch and run with it.

Anyways, here’s the keys boys. She’s your baby. Just keep her between the lines and out of the ditch.

Pröwess unveiled themselves back on March 4, 2016 when 21st Century Goliath featuring Roby and lead vocalist Dalton Bowes announced a change in band name at a live show at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Early on, Roby made it clear that Pröwess was its own entity and not a continuation of 21st Century Goliath. The group ended up releasing two EPs — Headfirst (2017) and Roll’n With The Punches (2018) — along with a full-length album Blacktop Therapy (2020). The latter record received many accolades including finishing at #5 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2020 and #13 on the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums of 2020.

Pröwess‘ “Lookin’ For A Bullet” video (from Blacktop Therapy album):

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