June 7, 2023
Guitarist Michael Kelly Smith thinks it's looking good for Britny Fox to perform some shows in 2023

Guitarist Michael Kelly Smith thinks it’s looking good for Britny Fox to perform some shows in 2023

Will Britny Fox‘s classic line-up of frontman Dean Davidson, guitarist Michael Kelly Smith, bassist Billy Childs and drummer Johnny Dee be reforming?

Smith was recently interviewed by Metal Mike on the 80’s Glam Metalcast podcast and indicated that this possibility is looking good. Smith indicated (as provided by the 80’s Glam Metalcast podcast):

“I was laying low for quite awhile. I had other interest and different things going on. I had been teaching guitar forever, so I picked that up again after the Britny Fox shows didn’t pan out in the 2000’s. My wife and I also rescue thoroughbred horses. That’s kept me busy as well, taking care of them. I have been writing a lot too. Recently been thinking about getting the original band back together to do some some shows this year to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of our debut album. I know Dean was interested in doing something for the 25th Anniversary, but that never panned out for whatever reason. I have been getting a lot of requests from people to do this and we can’t wait forever. So I decided this would be be a great year to do some shows and ultimately, do a new album. I think there is a better chance of this happening now than ever before. I think it’s looking good.”

Britny Fox‘s classic line-up released the albums Britny Fox (1988) and Boys In Heat (1989). In 1990, Davidson left the band to form Blackeyed Susan and he was replaced by Tommy Paris. Britny Fox released two more albums with the line-up of Paris, Smith, Childs and Dee consisting of Bite Down Hard (1991) and Springhead Motorshark (2003).

In terms of Davidson‘s departure from the band, Smith indicated: “The reason Blackeyed Susan sounded they way they did, is because Dean had those kinds of songs kicking around. He admitted to me that he had people in his ear saying that he didn’t need us and he could expand his musical horizons. That’s always gonna happen. Unfortunately, he was swayed by others opinions who had their own best interests at heart. I think it’s pretty obvious it was a mistake. Dean is really good at what he does, because he can write songs that could be on a Black Crowes type of album or in any kind of genre. Yeah, a third Britny Fox album with Dean would not have been the Blackeyed Susan album. I believe we would have stayed in our lane and done a straight up hard rock album.”

You can listen to the interview with Michael Kelly Smith on the 80’s Glam Metalcast podcast below:

Britny Fox‘s “Girlschool” video (from Britny Fox album):

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