September 25, 2023
Guantanamo Bae Reunites With LeDoc for New Single "Midgard," a Soaring Tribute to Nature -

Guantanamo Bae is a budding electronic music producer and DJ, as well as a Navy veteran who served as a prison guard in—you guessed it—Guantanamo Bay.

After his service, he was sadly diagnosed with PTSD. Through therapy, he learned to conquer his disorder over the span of six years. Opting to identify with the period of time that once brought him despair and choosing to turn it into something positive, Guantanamo Bae has certainly made a name for himself in the dance music space.

“The place that really made me feel great was going out in the woods and enjoying nature,” Guantanamo Bae said in a recent interview with Austin Kramer, host of One World Radio. “What this track is all about is enjoying the earth that the gods created for us.”

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