March 28, 2023
Gryffin Wants the Grammys to Add a "Best Dance/Electronic Producer" Category -

Will we start to see more Grammy Award opportunities for electronic music producers in the future?

Since the Recording Academy announced the addition of five new competitive categories back in June, there’s reason to believe more distinctions and amendments could follow. 

Dance music superstar Gryffin, who recently released his scintillating sophomore album, hopes the Academy will create more Grammy Award opportunities for the genre’s producers.

“I would like to see the Recording Academy add Best Electronic/Dance Producer,” Gryffin told Billboard. “Due to the nature of dance/electronic music, most artists [nominated] are producers, and it would be incredible for the Recording Academy to recognize the producers in the space who are innovating and pushing the genre forward. I believe that there are so many incredible producers who are pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music whose songs may not qualify under the Best Dance/Electronic song or album categories.”

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